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Kronans in War of the Realms v1 #1.

The Kronans are an alien species from Marvel Comics.



Stone Men of Saturn in Journey into Mystery v1 #83.

The Kronans were an ancient race of aliens that were native to the planet Ria in the star system Krona which was located in the Milky Way Galaxy. They developed into an advanced society that travelled to the stars where they embarked on campaigns of conquest that were sponsored by their dictatorship styled government. Around 3,000 BC, the Stone Men were noted to had come to Earth during the time of Ancient Babylon. During this time, they battled the King of Uruk Gilgamesh who was aided by a time-displaced Captain America. (Captain America Annual v1 #11) Following their defeat, they abandoned the planet but not before they established a base on one of the moons of Saturn. From that point on, they were frequently referred to as the "Stone Men of Saturn" though they were not native to the Sol system.

By the modern age, they conducted a second much larger invasion of Norway where their actions were sighted by Dr. Donald Blake. The Kronans pursued the human into a cave where he discovered Mjolnir and became the superhero Thor. The aliens later attacked NATO Forces and drove them off with an illusion of a dragon only to be attacked by Thor. At first, they attempted to entrap him in a cage but he used his might to smash through the obstacle. Afterwards, they attempted to use their disintegrator weapons on him but these were destroyed by his hammer. Finally, they activated the Mechano-Monster but it was destroyed by Thor; fearing the Asgardian; the Kronans fled the planet rather than continue in their invasion. (Journey into Mystery v1 #83) As they fled, one of their vessels crashed onto an asteroid and became stranded in space. When Thor alongside Sif and the Warriors Three visited the site in the Star-Jammer; the Kronans attacked in hopes of using their vessel. However, they were unable to match their foes strength and used a Gravitron from their damaged ship in order to use it as a weapon against Thor. Thor managed to fight off is effects and destroyed it whereupon he destroyed the Kronan vessel which caused a chain reaction that annihilated the entire asteroid thus killing the Kronans who were abandoned to their deaths whilst the Star-Jammer escaped. (Thor v1 #255)

The Kronans were among the various races that were looking to negotiate the rights to Rick Jones biography Sidekick in order to find insight into the power he used to end the Kree-Skrull War. After learning that it did not reveal how he tapped into the Destiny Force, the Stone Men decided to withdraw their bid. (Avengers Spotlight v1 #25) One Kronan known as Zardok served as a member of the Starblasters where he battled heroes from Earth and was slain by Perun. Following that time, a group of Kronans allied themselves with the New Immortals whereupon they were sent to Earth to oppose the High Evolutionary along with his allies the God Pack. Attacking Mount Wundagore, the Kronans battled the High Evolutionary's forces where once again they were opposed by Thor. During the fight, they released the Mekkanoid against them but it was destroyed by Anak. They also attempted to create an illusionary dragon but it was dispelled by Luminor whereupon the Kronans were defeated and one slain in battle against Thor. After their defeat, they were captured and the High Evolutionary learnt that the New Immortals had sent the Kronans to attack him. (Thor v1 #482)

On Earth, a Kronan-variant sub-species had developed on Earth where the silicon-based life forms began a parthenogenic infestation of the planet’s outer crust thus threatening the world. Their actions were discovered by Galacta who consumed them thus saving the planet. (Galacta: Daughter of Galactus v1 #1) Another group of Kronans which included Korg and Margus that were part of the forces that fought Thor in Norway became stranded on the planet Sakaar where they were forced to become gladiators by the native species after being given implants to compel them to fight. Margus and his colleagues attempted to resist their implants but lost their minds in the process which led to them fighting against their former comrade Korg in the arena. Forced to kill his brothers, Korg joined the Warbound under the leadership of the Hulk after each of the gladiators pledged themselves to one another.

A Kronan colony world including moons was devastated by a Chitauri fleet with this encounter reported to Alpha Flight. (Ultimates 2 v2 #1)


In appearance, they resembled humanoids that were composed of solid rock. (Journey into Mystery v1 #83) After their encounter on Earth, they tended to be referred to as the Stone Men of Saturn. (Thor v1 #255) As silicon-based lifeforms, they were described as being a species of silicaliens. (Galacta: Daughter of Galactus v1 #1) Typically, they were mighty beings but on worlds with an oxygen rich atmosphere their strength was even greater. Their stone bodies were seemingly invulnerable and able to survive great leaps without harm. (Journey into Mystery v1 #83)

As a monogender race, the men of stone reproduced by grasping hands that they seared in lava that they held together for days until their hands crack apart and new rocklings emerged from them. Traditionally, this was done so in the lava of Mount Krona and Kronans fasted as well as sang for days until their hands cracked open to reveal the new born child. (World War Hulk Aftersmash: Warbound v1 #4) There were a variety of other methods for Kronans to reproduce such as through parthenogenesis. Another method was through geocloning though this was the least evolutionary viable due to genetic diversity limitations. As clones, they contained racial memories of their race and sometimes shared the fears of their progenitor. (Galacta: Daughter of Galactus v1 #1)

All known Kronan cultures were said to be staunchly atheists and did not believe in a god. (Galacta: Daughter of Galactus v1 #1) On Kronan child's 13th Forgeday, they journeyed into the battle canyons beneath Mount Krona where they tested their parent in battle whilst their father had to tame their child. (Skaar: Son of Hulk v1 #12)

It was known that they at times formed secret stone-man hives on a world. (Galacta: Daughter of Galactus v1 #1)

Kronan technology was highly advanced as they were a space farring culture and created craft capable of journeying through the stars. Their vessels were protected by atomic force fields that were able to withstand primitive rocket-based weaponry. (Journey into Mystery v1 #83) Their vessels made use of a device known as a Gravitron that powered their vessels by nullifying the gravity on their homeworld and allow them to explore space. Itt could be modified into a weapon whereby it magnified gravity's pull to unbearable proportions. In terms of armaments, they made use of astro-blasters that could turn a target to dust. (Thor v1 #255) In addition, they were known to be skilled in the use of robotics where they created machines such as the Mechano-Monster to aid them in battle. (Journey into Mystery v1 #83) Another type of machine that the Kronans used against their foes were the towering humanoid robots known as Mekkanoids that they utilised in battle. (Thor v1 482) They could place themselves into a state of suspended animation allowing them to survive for long periods of time. (Thor v1 #255) Furthermore, the Kronans had the ability to create illusions which they used to frighten off their enemies and used it to conjure images of dragons. (Journey into Mystery v1 #83)

Their homeworld was noted to have a largely different atmosphere when compared to that of Earth. (Journey into Mystery v1 #83)


  • Korg :
  • Gorr : a Kronan who was part of the initial force that attempted to invade Earth only to be defeat by Thor. (Journey into Mystery v1 #83)
  • Margus : brother to Korg who crashed and Sakaar where he was enslaved to fight in the arena only to be killed. (Incredible Hulk v2 #93)
  • Zardok :
  • O-Korg : parent of Korg. (Incredible Hulk v2 #94)
  • Ahna : parent of Korg. (Incredible Hulk v2 #94)
  • Phyllis : a Massein Kronan barbarian with the power to generate lava from his body who was imprisoned at the L'Ar Gath Five where he came to work for the Maker. (Future Foundation v1 #2)


  • The Kronans were created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott where they made their first appearance in Journey into Mystery v1 #83 (August, 1962).
  • In All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Update v1 #2 (2007), the Kronans received an entry in the reference guide.

Alternate Versions

  • In Black Panther v7 (2018), a universe was seen where the Wakandans had colonised space and over centuries formed the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda. A group of Kronans were noted to had settled another world in the Benhazin star system through a wormhole where they were conquered by the Wakandans two centuries ago and enslaved to serve their empire. From them, the Wakandans came to learn the true secrets of the metal Vibranium that became the life blood of their interstellar nation.

In other media



  • In Planet Hulk, Kronans appeared in the animated film adaptation of the comic storyline. From the world of Krona, the rock-covered alien race were the plunderer of worlds who took what they wanted with nothing that stood in their way. An expedition of Kronans came upon Earth where they attempted to conquer the planet and sought to study one of the natives with this being the thunder god Thor. The invaders were overpowered despite their advanced strength and technology leading to them deploying their warbot which was a weapon used to fight armies. Their creation was destroyed when Thor was joined by Beta Ray Bill with this causing the Kronans to flee though the Korbinite pursued them. In desperation, the Kronans led into a wormhole where they crashed on Sakaar and enslaved by the inhabitants of that world.
  • In Thor: Ragnarok, Kronans were mentioned by name and appeared in the live-action film set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Korg was said to be one of their species with Thor stating that he had encountered their kind before.

Video games

  • In Marvel Heroes, Kronans appeared as antagonist enemies within the MMORPG video game.


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