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La Magra, also known as the Blood God, was an ancient deity worshipped by the Vampires in Blade.


In ancient times, La Magra was worshipped by the Vampire race and the Temple of Eternal Night was created in his honor. However, La Magra would disappear into myth with very few remembering the deity.

Deacon Frost sacrificed the council of Ancients in order to gain the powers of La Magra himself. After being merged with the Blood God, Deacon Frost displayed instantenous regeneration of limbs with cut off body parts simply spreading his blood to reconnect the body part or the blood reforming into a limb. Its also stated tha La Magra's rise would bring about eternal darkness on Earth and any Human he touched would be transformed into a vampire.

The La Magra enhanced Deacon Frost was defeated by Blade which prevented his rise to power.

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