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Laura Kinney in X-23 v4 #1.

X-23 is a female comic clone character that features in Marvel Comics.




Life as a prostitute in NYX v1 #3.

X-23 was female Mutant who was part of top-secret program designed to recreate the original Weapon X experiment that produced Wolverine. The original Experiment X broke free where he broke through the killing everyone in the facility with one of the scientists named Dr. Dale Rice attempting to escape with a sample of the test subjects genetic material. However, Dr. Rice was mortally killed by the test subject and the DNA sample was damaged though was still recovered by Martin Sutter. Dr. Sutter later formed a new project where he sought to recreate Experiment X with this occurring many years later. Dr. Zander Rice was one of the scientists in charge of the project but repeated failures saw Sutter bring in noted and renowned geneticist Dr. Sarah Kinney. She was tasked with creating a clone but upon analysis of the available genetic sample it was found that they damage had resulted in them unable to salvage the Y chromosome after twenty-two attempts. Kinney then proposed a new solution whereby they instead decided to create a female genetic twin as a way of circumventing this problem but her request was denied by the project leader. (X-23 v1 #1)



All-New Wolverine

Laura adopts the mantle in All-New Wolverine v1 #2.

She discovered that Alchemax Genetics had used her genetic material to create four clones of herself to serve as operatives but they went rogue. These clones lacked the healing factor or claws of X-23 but retained he sense of smell and had her training. Due to the perceived threat, the new Wolverine worked to stop them from harming more innocents. (All-New Wolverine v1 #2)

X-23 Again

Laura and Gabby began operating in tracking down weapon sales of Mutant genetic material that was being used to create living weapons with Logan's DNA being distributed in this black market. (X-23 v4 #1)


Personality and attributes

Daughter of James Howelett in Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy v1 #2.

She never talked nor celebrated her birthday with her stating that it was a biological marker and did not matter in her life. (X-23 v4 #1)

Powers and abilities


  • X-23 was created by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost where she was an original cartoon creation made for X-Men: Evolution where she made her first appearance in the episode "X-23".
  • The character was adapted for Marvel Comics where she first appeared in NYX v1 #3 (2004).

Alternate Versions

  • In Mutant X v1 #28 (2001), another version of her appeared as Mari Logan who was the daughter of Wolverine and Mariko Yashida and also had a brother named Brian Logan.
  • In X-Men: Age of Apocalypse v1 (2005), a version of X-23 was shown as Kirika Yashida who was the biological daughter of Logan and Mariko Yashida in the Age of Apocalypse.
  • In All-New Wolverine v1 #33 (2018), an alternate version of Laura Kinney referred to as Old Woman Laura was shown that was set several years in a possible future. This version was crowned as the new Queen of Madripoor with her having a romance with Julian and she came to share the mantle of Wolverine with Honey Badger. She had participated in the Doom World War and at some point afterwards she came to learn that a flawed nature of the cloning that created her led to her suffering from a genetic disease that was slowly killing her. This led to her deciding to accomplish one final mission which was recovering her clone sister Bellona with Gabrielle accompanying her.

In other media


  • In X-Men: Evolution, the character was first created where she debuted in the episode "X-23" and was voiced by actor Andrea Libman but in "Target X" she was voiced by actor Britt Irvin. She was created by scientist Dr. Deborah Risman who after learning of Wolverine's creation by the Weapon X project started an attempt to clone him for Hydra. Risman failed 22 times but the 23rd was a success in the effort to create the perfect soldier. Similar to her progenitor, X-23 as she was named had two retractable claws on each hand and another single one in each foot. X-23 was denied any normal life as a child and instead lived a lonely life leading to violence. She was placed under observation across her entire life and had almost no companions with instead her time devoted to training to honing her skills. By the time she was 12, her entire skeleton was infused with Adamantium.
  • In Wolverine and the X-Men, X-23 made an appearance in the episode "Stolen Lives" where she had no speaking lines but in latter episodes was voiced by Tara Strong. She was shown to be a clone created by Professor Thornton of the Weapon X program who made her from Wolverine's genetic material and infused Adamantium claws into her. He brought her with him to the Canada branch of Weapon X but was forced to evacuate when Wolverine had discovered the base. After seeing the girl, Wolverine asked the Professor what he had done and he simply said that he had ensured Logan's legacy.


  • In Hulk vs. Wolverine, X-23 made an appearance in a cameo role but was not named nor had any speaking lines. She was shown as an infant alongside hundreds of clones at the Weapon X research facility.
  • In Logan, X-23 or Laura appeared in the live-action film where she was portrayed by actor Dafne Keen. She was created by the corporation Alkali-Transigen as part of their weapon development program where they used genetic material from Logan to make her. Laura inherited Logan's bone claws and advanced healing ability where she was raised alongside several Mutant children until she was 11 years old. At that point, Transigen decided to terminate their experiments after the creation of X-24 with a nurse named Gabriella alongside other employees freed the children. Gabriella fled with Laura seeking to take her to safety at a rumoured Mutant sanctuary in Canada called Eden.

Video games

  • In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, X-23 appeared as a character in the Facebook video game with her having a Dossier entry given to her.
  • In Marvel Heroes, X-23 appeared in the MMORPG where she was voiced by actor Tara Strong. One of her alternate costumes included the All-New Wolverine.
  • In Marvel: Contest of Champions, X-23 was introduced as a playable character and dressed in her Wolverine costume.


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