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Laurel Kent is a female comic character who features in DC Comics.




Laurel Kent was a female descendant of Superman who was native to the time of the 30th century. She decided to join the ranks of the Legion of Super-Heroes where prior to her selection process she encountered Superboy who had travelled to that time. Rather than tell him the truth, she hid the true nature of her origins from him and later attended the training course at the Legion Academy. (Superboy v1 #217) At the Legion Academy, she trained alongside her team mates who included Dawnstar, Shadow Lad and Jedediah Rikane. Wildfire trained them harshly during this time and noted that the recruits were not coordinated. Around this time, Laurel shared a room with Dawnstar who was dismissive of the Legion recruits as she deemed them not professional leading to an argument between the two. It was only after an incident to round up two deadly beasts did Dawnstar learn her lesson as she was being vain and came to accept her fellow recruits when they saved her from the creatures. (Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes v1 #240)


Post-Infinite Crisis

Elna Kent was shown to had existed where she operated as the Superwoman of the 31st century. She came to work alongside Brane Taylor who was the Batman of that era where they helped rescue Kent Shakespeare from the time-displaced Epoch with them defeating the supervillain. (Superman/Batman v1 #80)


Personality and attributes

In appearance, she was shown as being a beautiful young woman with long black hair. It was said that she looked very much like the woman that Superman was destined to marry. (Superboy v1 #217) On some occasions, she took the name of Elna. (Superboy v1 #217)

She had a desire to meet her famous ancestor. Laurel stated that she liked Superman perhaps a little too much as she was attracted to him as he was to her. (Superboy v1 #217)

Powers and abilities

As a descendant of Superman, she shared his power of invulnerability making her resistant to injury. However, this was seemingly the only power she shared with the legend. (Superboy v1 #217)


  • Laurel Kent was created by Jim Shooter and Mike Grell where she made her first appearance in Superboy v1 #217 (June, 1976).
  • As a result of the Zero Hour, continuity changed for the Legion with Laurel Kent being removed from the groups history with instead a new character named Laurel Gand replacing her.


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