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Legion in X-Men: Legacy v2 #14.

Legion is a male comic character that features in Marvel Comics.




David Haller in X-Men v2 #40.

David Charles Haller was the son of Gabrielle Haller who was the Israeli ambassador to Great Britain and Charles Xavier. His father was not aware of his birth as his mother had hid this information from Xavier. (New Mutants v1 #25)

Legion Quest



Personality and attributes

David's legion of other personalities in X-Men: Legacy v1 #252.

David's ego was infested by hundreds of predatory dissociative personalities. (X-Men: Legacy v2 #1) These were referred to as Alters that was short for Alternative Personalities. (Legion v1 #2)

It was believed that his powers was driven by his subconscious (New Mutants v1 #25)

Powers and abilities

Legion using his powers in New Mutants v3 #4.

He manifested immensely strong psi-powers with these creating three primary abilities namely telepathy, telekinesis pryotic talent to psychically put objects on fire. (New Mutants v1 #25)

Among the powers afforded to him by his various personalities included:

  • Chain : a male personality that could spread himself like a virus turning everyone he touched into a copy of himself. A weakness was the original version of Chain referred to as 1(A) who if defeated led to the others reverting to their normal selves. (X-Men: Legacy v1 #251)
  • Susan in Sunshine : a female personality that amplified emotions and then fed on it turning it into raw energy. A weakness in her was that that her powers dissipated when she was unhappy. (X-Men: Legacy v1 #251)
  • Bleeding Image : a bald male personality that described himself as a living voodoo doll with wounds inflicted on his body manifesting in his foe by amplifying pain in others. (X-Men: Legacy v1 #252)
  • Endgame : a large armored being with a domed shaped head who had great strength and a response to any form of attack. (X-Men: Legacy v1 #253)
  • Styx : a gaunt thin monstrous figure who had a 'death touch' where he absorbed the spirit and consciousness of those he touched whereupon he controlled the empty shell of their body as his slaves. (X-Men: Legacy v1 #251) A calling card of his was leaving a white lily for the dead. (X-Men: Legacy v1 #251)
  • Compass Rose :
  • Protozoan Porter :
  • Ksenia Nadejda Panov :
  • Tyrannix the Abominoid :
  • Zubar :
  • Luca Aldine :
  • The Origamist :
  • Max Kelvin :
  • Metallax the Untamer :
  • Chronodon :
  • Pukatus Jr. :
  • Fiend : a personality born from the death of Charles Xavier with this one appearing as a yellow goblin-like entity before morphing into a form that resembled Professor X that was cruel to his 'son' David where it used its power of precognition and mental possession as well as absorbed the powers of slain personalities to empower himself. (X-Men: Legacy v2 #6)
  • Delusionaut :
  • Lord Trauma : a powerful alternative personality that resembled a young black haired man who could use his psych-forces to subsume other alters that became his puppets with these manifesting as faces on his skin and he used in an attempt to take over David's body. (Legion v1 #2) This one was born on Muir Island during a harrowing event that almost destroyed Haller where over time he grew into a powerful Alter that could subsume other personalities into becoming his minions. (Legion v1 #3)
  • Joe Fury : a young male personality that was very unstable and dangerous with psionic powers. (Legion v1 #1)

All these personas existed within a world inside his mind that resided in the mindscape. During his breakdowns, he could be overwhelmed to the point that his mind generated paranoia storms that were dangerous voices that filled the minds of the people inside. (Legion v1 #2)


  • Legion was created by Chris Claremont and Bill Sienkiewicz where he made his first appearance in New Mutants v1 #25 (March, 1985).

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In X-Men: Evolution, Legion made an appearance in the animated television series in the episode "Sins of the Son" where he was voiced by actor Kyle Labine.
  • In Legion, David Haller appeared in the live-action television series where he was portrayed by actor Dan Stevens. He was later diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia during his adulthood when he was expelled from college when he had a hard time in life. After becoming suicidal, he was shown to had been admitted as a patient at the Clockworks Psychiatric Hospital where he claimed that he was haunted by the Devil with the Yellow Eyes.

Video games

  • In Marvel: War of Heroes, Legion appeared as a playable card in the video game.
  • In X-Men: Battle of the Atom, the Legion along with his various Personalities appeared in the background on cards in the iOS video card game. Among the Legion Personalities included Fiend, Time-Sink, Marci Sabot, Drexel, Sally, Susan in Sunshine, Vampire, Clown, Stitched Alien, Personality 302, Bleeding Image, Jack Wayne, The Delphic, Endgame, Chain, Moira, Styx, Legion and The Legion.


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