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Lisker in his Zoanoid form.
"That's the Guyver? Ha! Nothing to it!" - Lisker after defeating Sean Baker.

Lisker was the right-hand man of Fulton Balcus and ringleader of the Zoanoids employed by the Chronos Corporation. A Zoanoid himself, Lisker turned into a monster that could best be described as resembling lantern-jawed reptile with a large, boney forehead which he used to headbutt his enemies. Lisker was also romantically involved with a female Zoanoid, Weber.

Along with Weber, Striker and Ramsey, Lisker was sent by Balcus to capture Dr. Tetsu Segawa when the scientist stole the Guyver from Chronos' laboratories. The pair transformed into their Zoanoid forms and fought, with the stronger Lisker prevailing and killing Segawa. Thinking that Segawa had given the Guyver to his daughter Mizky, Lisker and his cronies made multiple attempts to kidnap her, clashing with Max Reed and Sean Barker, the latter of whom had stumbled upon the Guyver and taken to using it.

Lisker defeated Sean in battle after Sean had angered him by killing Weber, and tore the Guyver's control medallion from the young man's head, causing Sean to melt into a puddle of green slime and die. However, after the Guyver rebuilt Sean's body, Lisker fought with him again alongside Striker and Dr. Gordon, before he was finally defeated when Sean stabbed him multiple times with the Guyver suit's vibro-blades, broke his leg, and finally tore his head apart.

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