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The Chronos Corporation is a business that features in the Guyver series.



The Chronos Corporation was a world wide business that had developed into a global power by the modern age. Its origins were stated to had occurred when archaeologists had discovered the ruins of an alien civilization that had once lived on Earth. These beings were known to them only as the Creators with journals speaking of how they had engineered life on Earth. The experiments had led to the creation of humanity that were to be the base line of a more complex bio-weapon known as the Zoanoids. With this knowledge, Chronos formed where they sought to uncover the secrets and legacy of the Creators where they revived the development of Zoanoids. In time, they created secret test sites and programs to engineer more Zoanoids as well as develop new types with improvements made on each generation. Over the years, they managed to spread their influence to around the world where their true nature was hidden from the rest of humanity. This saw them hold offices in America and even in Japan. At that time, a scientist by the name of Shinichiro Yamamura had theorized that Mount Minikami in Japan was an artificial construct. Such a conclusion was also drawn by the Chronos Corporation who moved to abduct him where he was forced into their research program. Around this time, they had discovered that within the mountain was a Creator vessel with Chronos building a facility known as Relic's Point to study the craft. As study continued, it was eventually decided that an incursion into the vessel needed to be made in order to plunder the vessel of its secrets. Drills were used as first to pierce the living ships skin but these would disintegrate as they went deeper due to the secretion of powerful acids. It was learnt that organic tissue was somewhat more resistant to the acid which resulted in teams of Zoanoids being sent to penetrate the inner sanctum of the ship. Most were killed, leaving a single survivor who retrieved the Guyver Units though the wounded Zoanoid died as a result. Five years ago, the corporation had selected the last individual to join the Board of Directors as a Zoalord. This individual was Richard Guyot with a number of prototype test bodies being made to perfect the optimization process that was being conducted at the company's Arizona facility. Around this time, Professor Yamamura came to believe that Guyot had intended to find a Guyver Unit and equip himself with the bio-booster armor in order to stage a coup to take over the planet by becoming an all powerful being. Thus, he arranged for the prototype Zoalord's to rebel and eliminate Guyot whilst he was within the final stages of his optimization. The rebel Zoalord's caused a great deal of destruction but at the time the Council of Twelve were present where they managed to dispatch the prototypes. Yamamura along with three of the prototype Zoalords were killed though they managed to ensure that the last of their number Masaki Murakami survived to continue their mission. Afterwards, Richard Guyot had completed the optimization and became a Zoalord where he learnt of the incident but was unaware of the reasons why the rebels had targeted him.

A Zoanoid test-type named Malmot managed to take the three Guyver Units and fled Chronos in an attempt to pass it to his contact in the hope of being returned to being human. He was pursed by a Chronos team sent to retrieve the Units but Malmot detonated a hidden explosive that scattered the Guyvers. Only a single Unit was recovered though it was partially damaged as a result of the explosion. One of the Unit's was bonded to a young high school student by the name of Sho Fukamachi who became Guyver I with Zoanoids failing to retrieve it from him due to his bio-boosted abilities. Around this time, Inspector Oswald A. Lisker was dispatched to inspect the recovered Guyver Unit and came to be bonded to it leading to him becoming Guyver II. The repeated failures in the Japanese branch led to Commander Guyot personally taking command of the efforts of the retrieval of the Guyver Unit where he deployed Hyperzoanoids against the target. New experimental anti-Guyver Zoanoids were developed to capture the unit leading to the creation of Enzyme with Genzo Makishima being turned into the prototype. This effort seemingly saw the Guyver I eliminated and the control medal being recovered from the corpse that was being studied. However, the Japanese branch headquarters was attacked by Guyver III whilst Guyver I was resurrected by the recovered control medal. A number of Zoanoids were dispatched to deal with the Guyvers but were all eliminated despite Chronos's best efforts. Around this time, sabotage was conducted in the Japanese branch headquarters that caused the buildings self-destruct sequence to be activated and it could not be disarmed. As a result, Commander Guyot was forced to evacuate where he was seemingly killed by Guyver III. Guyver I later did battle with Guyver II with the latter being killed as a result of the defective Control Medal in his head. After the destruction of the branch headquarters, the damage was attributed to a fire in the media with Guyver I and his allies believing that they had defeated their enemy. However, in reality, Chronos had moved their operations to Relic's Point and renewed their attempt at reacquiring the Guyver Unit.

Following Relic's Point destruction, Chronos started their next stage of operations where they began to publically unveil their Zoanoids including their sleeper agents from around the world. This saw the company forcibly take control of Earth with world governments and militaries being dissolved with Chronos taking their place. In the span of a year, Chronos ruled the planet with them creating the Regulation Bureau to enforce peace with Optimization being made open to members of the public. It was stated that Optimization was not compulsory with it being an option to an individual.


The Board of Directors.
The Council of Zoalords.

The corporation was shown to be a world spanning corporation with numerous branches spread across major cities which uses it connections to mask its genetic research on Zoanoids and the excavation of Creator relics. Chronos possesses its own military which make use of complex uniforms and technology; each of these soldiers serve as the Corporations right hand by being transformed into Zoanoids making them far stronger when compared to Humans. Clean up operations are often instigated to remove any evidence of Chronos involvement or the existence of Zoanoids. Typically, Chronos does not strike out in the public as they do not wish to reveal their involvement

Leadership within Chronos was held by the Board of Directors that commanded the company. This Council of Twelve actually consisted of the numerous Zoalords that had been made by the corporation. These Zoalords oversaw the operations of Chronos though they were not above power struggles amongst its members. The high ranking members of the company were required to go through optimization to become a Zoanoid with these being referred to as the Chronos Elite. Those situated in the upper hierarchy of the corporation were afforded a great deal of power. One position within Chronos was that of an Inspector who were dispatched on key assignments to the various facilities to ensure completion of vital tasks. As a global power, the corporation had numerous branches from around the world with bases in Japan and in America. The destruction of any of these regional headquarters did not cripple the organization as a whole. The Japanese branch of Chronos was noted as being among the leading experts in Zoanoid development. The Dead Sea was considered the largest Optimization facility managed by the corporation.

The ultimate goal of the Chronos Corporation was to take control of the world leaving itself as the sole power of the world. They would accomplish this by transforming key individuals into Zoanoids and putting them in positions of power after which they would reveal their true forms along with taking control of those positions after leaving the world in chaos. Till that time was achieved, they would continue researchers across their branches into developing more powerful Zoanoids while excavating any ruins of the Creators. After the discovery of the Guyver Units, their recovery became a top priority of the Corporation.

In the field of research, the Corporation is constantly developing newer more powerful Zoanoids in addition to mass producing their existing number. They would capture or make use of volunteers for the Optimization process which lead into newer more powerful adaptations which are known as Sample Bodies.

Under a Level 5 Alert, security was allowed to inspect all items within Chronos facilities. After dominating the world, the Corporation established the Regulation Bureau which was charged with maintaining order on the planet as well as to control volunteers who agreed to optimization. Another branch was the intelligence division that consisted of Zoanoids Optimized for recon missions.

All the helmets worn by Chronos operatives had video recorders in them with the footage taken being sent straight to their headquarters. Thus, any findings from a soldier could be examined allowing for other operatives to be briefed on dangers or their target's capabilities. They also made use of hypnotic soundwaves that were generated by simple audio equipment that when heard by ordinary humans compelled them to follow simple commands. Chronos used the hypnotic commands to cause humans to disperse from a site without question to allow their operatives to act without any interference or witnesses. These sounds could be avoided through the use of noise cancelling headphones or in insulated locations that prevented the person from hearing the soundwaves.

Facilities operated by Chronos included:

  • Relic's Point :


  • Hamilcar Balcus :
  • Richard Guyot :
  • Oswald A. Lisker : a blonde hair male who was an Inspector within the Chronos Corporation that came to be bonded with a damaged Guyver Unit and became Guyver II until he was killed at the Japanese branch following a battle with Guyver I.


  • The Chronos Corporation was created by Yoshiki Takaya where it featured in the setting of Bio-Booster Armor Guyver.

In other media


  • In Guyver, the Chronos Corporation appeared as antagonists in the live-action film. The Los Angeles branch of the international corporation was headed by the Zoalord Fulton Balcus who used it as a front for his plans for world domination as well as other illicit activities. When the Guyver Unit was stolen from their laboratories by Dr Segawa, the Corporation would send a team of Zoanoids to retrieve it but failed to stop the unit from bonding with Sean Baker. Lisker would eventually be successful in slaying the Guyver and taking his control medal but it regenerated within the Corporations research labs. Balcus himself was forced to transform in his true form but he was defeated and the branch was destroyed. It seemed that the reign of Chronos was at an end.
  • In Guyver: Dark Hero, Chronos Corporation returned against as antagonists in the live-action sequel to the first film. Years later, it was shown that they remained in hiding while keeping on the lookout for Sean Baker. They appointed one of their agents, Crane, as a representative of the Tempest Group, a shell organization, and funded a Zoanoid transformed Human along with his comrades in an archaeological dig of a Creator site. There they discovered a Creator ship and Crane learnt that Sean Baker was at the camp site. After a tense battle, Crane would be defeated and his Zoanoids slain with the Creator ship departing the planet. The fate of the Corporation after these events is not known except that the US government os developing an Anti-Chronos Group to challenge the secret corporation.
Crane communicates with a senior member of the corporation who bears some resemblance to Balcus but whether he is a Zoalord is not stated.


  • Bio-Booster Armor Guyver:

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