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The many incarnations of Loki from Loki: Agent of Asgard v1 #8.

Loki is a comic supervillain who features in Marvel Comics.



Loki in Journey into Mystery v1 #85.

Loki Laufeyson

In his youth, his father Odin punished him with the disgruntled Loki escaping imprisonment as he sought out the sorcerer Eldred. The powerful enchanter was both amazingly skilled and powerful in magic with a particular talent towards black magic. He came to accept Loki as his apprentice and taught him the black arts leading to him becoming as skilled as his mentor. Though Eldred taught him, he was unaware of the darkness present in the heart of the Asgardian with Loki seeking ever greater sources of power. He plotted in secret with deposing his master and claiming all his possessions where he formed an alliance with the flame demon Surtur. In exchange for power, he offered his masters soul and then began to convince Eldred to perform a summons of Surtur. He created a protection circle to save him as he performed the summons but then Loki pushed him out of its protective confines thus causing Eldred to be consumed by Surtur. Thus, Loki gained his magic and all his possessions including Eldred's castle leading to him exiling the sorcerers loyal Troll followers who vowed revenge against the Prince of Lies. (Thor v1 #400)

For centuries, he was imprisoned within a tree in a remote location in Asgard and condemned to remain there until someone shed a tear for him. Loki managed to send a leaf to the passing Heimdall forcing him to shed a tear unintentionally. This allowed Loki to escape his prison whereupon he intended to get revenge on his brother and used a mental link to Mjolnir to track his location. He then snuck to Earth through the Rainbow Bridge and crafted a disguise for himself allowing him to pass for an ordinary human. (Journey into Mystery v1 #349)

Loki came to sense that Chthon had embarked on a plan to free himself with the god of chaos looking to remake the world in his image. To stop this, Loki took the guise of the Scarlet Witch and used magic to assemble a team of mighty Avengers that were led by Hank Pym that were successfully in stopping the elder god. (Mighty Avengers v1 #23)

Whilst journeying to his palace on the Isle of Silence, he was ambushed and captured by the Mighty Avengers where he was imprisoned within a device. Loki then called forth his brother Thor to save him and attempted to bring about in-fighting amongst the heroes till Pym shut down the machine. In the aftermath, Loki was taken by Thor to answer for his crimes before Lord Balder in Asgard. (Mighty Avengers v1 #34)

The Sanctum was later visited by Stephen Strange who battled Loki after augmenting himself with the magic from Yggdrassil the World Tree. This led to Loki and Strange battling one another across dimensions until Zelma cast the Sands of Nisanti spell stripping magic from them. Despite that, Loki's godly nature allowed him to overpower Stephen easily and he demanded that he open the locked door in the Sanctum Sanctorum. Strange reluctantly agreed and to Loki's horror he discovered that the object within was actually the Void which had been stripped from the Sentry. Upon being freed, the Void possessed Strange and knocked Loki outside with the Asgardian terrified at confronting the creature that had once killed him. (Doctor Strange v1 #384)

After killing Laufey, he journeyed to Jotunheim where he was crowned as the new ruler of the Frost Giants. (Thor v5 #15)


Personality and attributes

He was regarded as the Norse god of mischief that according to ancient legend was the most cunning and wicked of all the gods. (Journey into Mystery v1 #349)

Powers and abilities

As a god, he possessed abilities that were superhuman making him incredibly powerful to mortals. He had a range of magic at his disosal that he could use to achieve various feats. Loki was also able to craft a mental link with objects allowing him to track them or conjure images on their location. He had the power of suggestion allowing him to hypnotise others to make them fall under his control. (Journey into Mystery v1 #349)

He was able to alter his attire allowing him to better disguise himself. (Journey into Mystery v1 #349)

Loki was said to make an annual pilgrimage to his palace on the Isle of Silence. (Mighty Avengers v1 #34)


  • Loki was created by Stan Lee, Larry Leiber, Dan Rico and Jack Kirby where he made his first appearance in Journey into Mystery v1 #85 (October 1962).
  • A Golden Age version of Loki made his first appearance in Venus v1 #6 (August 1949).
  • The character was based on the Norse mythological deity.

Alternate Versions

  • In Infinity Wars v1 #1 (2018), a version of the character appeared that was native to an alternate universe. This one operated as a hero who wielded Mjolnir and carried the Infinity Stones where he aided the Avengers in battling universal threat only for them to perish.
  • In What If? Thor v1 #1 (2018), an alternate version of history was shown in a What If where Laufey had killed Odin long ago.

In other media


  • In Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Loki appeared in the animated television series in the episode "The Vengeance of Loki" where he was voiced by actor John Stephenson.
  • In The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Loki appeared in the animated television series where he was portrayed with actor Graham McTavish.


  • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Loki made a number of appearances in the shared continuity setting.
    • In Thor, Loki appeared in the live-action movie where he was portrayed by actor Tom Hiddleston.
    • In Avengers, Loki returned in the live-action movie where he was portrayed by actor Tom Hiddleston.
    • In Thor: The Dark World, Loki appeared in the live-action movie sequel where he was portrayed by actor Tom Hiddleston.
    • In Avengers: Infinity War, Loki appeared in the live-action film where he was portrayed once more by actor Tom Hiddleston. The ship he and the Asgardians were on came under attack from Thanos who was looking to claim the Infinity Stone with most of the survivors of Asgard being killed.

Video games

  • In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Loki appeared in the video game where he was voiced by actor Larry Cedar.
  • In Marvel Heroes, Loki appeared in the setting of the MMORPG where his original male form was voiced by actor Crispin Freeman whilst actor Amy Pemberton voiced Loki in his female form.
  • In Marvel Future Fight, Loki appeared as a boss and playable character in the iOS video game.
  • In Marvel Contest of Champions, Loki appeared as a playable character in the mobile video game.
  • In Marvel Avengers Academy, Loki appeared in the setting of the mobile video game where he was voiced by actor Tom Cassell.


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