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Lord Havoc was the leader of the Extremists, the ultimate team of supervillains on the planet Angor. Lord Havoc, like the other Extremists, was once a human terrorist, until an experimental bomb he and his four fellows tried to steal exploded and radically mutated them. Havoc was forced to don a metal exo-skeleton to contain and compensate for his ever-mutating form. Lord Havoc led the Extremists to seize control of Angor's nuclear arsenal and blackmail the world, leading the Justifiers to battle them while three of their number- Blue Jay, Silver Sorceress and Wandjina- travelled to Earth to ask for the Justice League's assistance. The Justifiers were denied, while the Extremists- after defeating the Justifiers- made good on their threat and unleashed nuclear hell on their world. Lord Havoc, and all but one of the Extremists, were killed.

However, Lord Havoc was re-created as an android, constructed by the Angorian amusement park Wackyworld while its creator slept in stasis. The new Lord Havoc led an android team of Extremists to battle an android team of Justifiers, and the villains again achieved victory. However, the remaining real Justifiers (Blue Jay and Silver Sorceress) and Justice League Europe travelled to Angor and revived Wacky, who deactivated the robot Extremists- including Lord Havoc.

The robot Lord Havoc was reassembled by Mitch Wacky under the indirect coercion of Dreamslayer, using parts from the other Extremist androids, after which Dreamslayer killed Wacky. The rebuilt Havoc battled Justice League America, only to be melted by Blue Beetle. Lord Havoc was reconstructed once more, possessed by Maxwell Lord using the power of the Kilg%re, but Lord later left the body.


Lord Havoc was based on the Marvel supervillain Doctor Doom.

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