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The Luck Lords are a group that features in DC Comics.




The Luck Lords were a group of beings that were said to had been native to the planet Ventura. Originally, they were a group of green-skinned aliens that were exiled from their world for their crimes. They began to use their psych-science to make others believe that they were masters of luck Over the years, they sold many charms to worlds to protect them from strings of bad luck with these being charged a small fortune. Such worlds were unaware that the Luck Lords had placed jinxes on them and had blackmailed them into constantly paying for protection. Some of those worlds suffering from such blackmail intended to call on help from the Legion of Super-Heroes to investigate the Luck Lords. Upon learning of this, the Luck Lords cursed the Legion with a jinx that plagued them with various disasters. The Legionnaires were unaware of the source of their bad luck and Saturn Girl decided to seek out the Luck Lords for their aid. However, Imra was captured by the Luck Lords and imprisoned. (Adventure Comics v1 #343)


Following the Crisis of Infinite Earths, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events. It was said that the Luck Lords had watched over the universe since ancient times where they resided on their original homeworld of Ventura. Their existence over time came to be considered myth with them occasionally being used by imitators and con artists. (Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #44) It was said that there were only three Lords of Luck. (Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #45)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events.


In appearance, the Luck Lords appeared as humanoid beings who had a giant green eyeball as their head and covered in robes. (Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #44) Strings of bad luck affected those that attacked them thus negating any assault made against the Lords of Luck. (Adventure Comics v1 #343)

There were various principles of luck believed by them which included:

  • First Principle of Luck : all events were random and could not be predicted by any system. (Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #44)
  • Second Principle of Luck : all events were ordered and could be predicted by a system. (Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #44)
  • Third Principle of Luck : the first two principles were true. (Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #44)

They often used symbols of good luck as part of their imagery such as that of the open hand. (Adventure Comics v1 #343) They had long dreamed of science to fall and for chance to reign in the cosmos again. (Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #45)

One example of Venturan technology was the Luck Dial that altered events in the favour of the user. Casino bosses on Ventura used them to rig probability in their favour. (The Green Lantern v1 #1)

The home world of the Luck Lords was Ventura that was fabled as the Gamblers Planet. (Adventure Comics v1 #343) Ventura's was held as a sacred place whose ziggurat was considered holy to the principles of luck. (Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #44) The planet was said to know all about luck and was home to the multi-colored Lucky Star Stone that cost a fortune to purchase. It sold many symbols and charms representing good luck that were said to be wards against bad fortune. (Adventure Comics v1 #343)


  • The Luck Lords were created by Edmond Hamilton and Curt Swan where they made their first appearance in Adventure Comics #343 April, (1966).
  • In Legion of Super-Heroes v3 #44 (1988), a background note on the Luck Lords indicated that there were many people that had masqueraded as the Luck Lords which indicated that the individuals seen in Adventure Comics v1 #343 (1966) were one such imitators.


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