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Destiny is a comic character who features in DC Comics.



Destiny was one of the Endless and the oldest of their number who form after the beginning when there was the Word that was traced by hand onto the Book of Destiny. (Sandman v2 #21)

One day, he came to notice the continued presence of individuals that did not exist within the confines of the Book of Destiny. Such was a feat was not possible yet four such beings operated in the universe. Destiny had never noticed their absence before and came to notice with horror that events foretold began to change due to these people influencing events around them. Thus, their actions warped reality and changed the pages of the Book of Destiny. Destiny came to conclude that the Book was not safe with him anymore and decided that only the people outside of its pages were capable of repairing it. This led to him severing the chains that tied the Book to him and arranged for events for it to fall in their possession. However, a group of alien mystics known as the Luck Lords had planned for this opportunity as they had long coveted the tome for themselves and thus arranged for their agents to acquire it. (The Brave and the Bold v3 #4)


Personality and attributes

He was noted for being the tallest among the Endless. (Sandman v2 #21)

It was said that Destiny kept his secrets and never told others of them. (Sandman v2 #21)

Powers and abilities

Some claimed he was blind whereas others stated that he had travelled far beyond blindness to the point of seeing all of existence. (Sandman v2 #21)

It was said that he did not write the Book of Destiny and had been its guardian as well as solitary reader since the Dawn of Time. In its pages was the entire lives of all the inhabitants of the universe from birth to their eventual death. Without his Book, Destiny was noted for being incomplete with his memories becoming dimmer the longer he was separated from it. (The Brave and the Bold v3 #4)

His home was a vast garden that was referred to as the Garden of Destiny whereby only Destiny himself knew its peculiar geography as it was distinct from time and space. There was said to be no beginnings or endings within the garden which was said to be beyond such concepts. Those that walked within it were said to be forced to choose a path to take many times in their journey. This was cause the paths forked and divided whereby each step in the garden forced the traveller to make a choice with this determining their future paths. Some claimed that not even Destiny truly knew where each turn twisted and took its bearer. The Book of Destiny was said to be a guide through the garden. (Sandman v2 #21)


  • Destiny was created by Marv Wolfman and Bernie Wrightson where he made his first appearance in Weird Mystery Tales v1 #1 (August, 1972).
  • According to Who's Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #6 (1985), Destiny was "the one being who has been able to resist Zeus' unlimited powers." It also referred to the Cosmic Log as the Book of Souls. It further reported that his occupation was as a "Cosmic Observer" and that the field of 'Known Relatives' was "inapplicable" to him.

In other media


  • In the Arrowverse, the character did not appear but was referenced in the shared continuity setting:
    • In The Flash, the Book of Destiny appeared in the live-action television series in the cross-over arc “Elseworlds”. It was a reality relic used by the Monitor Mar Novu and given to Doctor Deegan to allow him to alter reality on Earth-1 leading to the lives of Oliver Queen and Barry Allen to be swapped with one another.
    • In Arrow, the Book of Destiny appeared in the second part live-action television series cross over arc “Elseworlds”. Superman had said to had encountered objects like the Book of Destiny with them requiring incredible force of will to control and that they always took a price from the user. The Monitor was shown to had given it to Deegan to test Earth-1’s heroes for a coming Crisis and that he was looking for heroes that were strong enough to fight it.
    • In Supergirl, the Book of Destiny appeared in the third part of the live-action television series cross over arc “Elseworlds”. Earth-1’s existence had been rewritten by Deegan who transformed himself into a figure like Superman where he controlled the world. Oliver Queen and Barry Allen were similarly transformed into a pair of criminals called the Trigger Twins where they attempted to restore reality.


  • In DC Showcase: Death, the Book of Destiny was referenced in the setting of the 2019 animated short film. It was mentioned by Death who told the dying artist Vincent that she had no control over his demise as his death had been written in the Book of Destiny from the moment he was born.


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