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The new Batwing from Batwing v1 #20.

Luke Fox is a male comic superhero that features in DC.



Luke Fox from Batwing v1 #25.

Luke Fox was a male African-American who was the only son of Lucius Fox and Tanya Fox. (Batwing v1 #20) He was the eldest child with Tamara Fox being his younger sister and Tiffany Fox was his youngest sibling. (Batwing v1 #21) Around six years ago, he attended high school where he had his best friend Russell who he convinced to take part in boxing lessons under Master Torres. Russell experienced a lot of bullying in these years that led to increase anger, hatred and resentment. He then used a drug called Snakebite that he modified to turn him into a powerhouse where he intended to take revenge against everyone that had hurt him. During this time, Luke attempted to stop him and in the commotion it appeared that Russell was killed. (Batwing v1 #25) He later graduated from M.I.T. a year early had received a number of job offers including from Wayne Enterprises. Luke was the first candidate Batman desired to be Batwing with that position becoming David Zavimbe. He had made a great deal of effort in order to get Batman's attention as he wanted to become part of Batman Incorporated. After Zavimbe stopped being Batwing, Luke was chosen to inherit the mantle and was approached by Batman. (Batwing v1 #19) He was recruited but hid this vigilante life from his family but instead told them that he was taking a break from studies and travel for the year. Among the first missions he was deployed on by Batman was in Africa where he fought against the Marabunta syndicate. (Batwing v1 #20) On his mission, he encountered the four legged leonine god Lion-Mane who vowed revenge against Batwing after his defeat. During this time, his girlfriend Zena Zlenko broke up with him for not actively participating in their relationship. (Batwing v1 #21) The Marabunta later came to Gotham where they kidnapped Luke's father Lucius Fox in order to mine his mind of tactical knowledge to use to destroy Wayne Enterprses. (Batwing v1 #22) With Batman's aide, Luke managed to save his father as he operated as Batwing though his family who were unaware of his secret believed that he had grown irresponsible and was letting them down. (Batwing v1 #23)

He later attended a public gala in order to promote Foxtech where he showcased new non-lethal weapons to the Gotham City Police Department. Batman wanted to recruit him back as Batwing to handle his teams technical side after the seeming loss of Tim Drake. (Detective Comics v1 #943) He later joined the team as hey battled the Victim Syndicate. (Detective Comics v1 #944)

Luke later joined Kate Kane as she came to head the Colony and left his company Foxtech in the care of his sister Tamara Fox. (Detective Comics v1 #977) After the Brother Eye crisis was ended, Luke decided to hang up his Batwing suit for a time and study the technology in order to prevent it from developing again in this timeline. (Detective Comics v1 #981)


Personality and attributes

A member of Batman's team in Detective Comics v1 #944.

He was an American in his early twenties who was said to be a rich man's son with him being age 23 by the time he operated as Batwing. (Batwing v1 #20)

Powers and abilities

Luke was a bright individual who graduated a year early and with two degrees. He had been taught martial arts by Sensei Tsunemoto and was able to fight with styles such as Kubi Nage Otoshi. Master Chu Chin Li taught him the art of the Red Eagle Spear. (Batwing v1 #20) He was a world class boxer before he came to be recruited and trained by Batman in further fighting styles. (Batwing v1 #25)

His Batsuit was designed by his father Lucius Fox who was stated to had outdone himself with it being safe and smart suit. The design had numerous features such as safety, mobility, bullet proof, retractable cape and an interior skin that monitored vital signs. It also had medical repair capabilities such as hardening around areas that had a broken arm and holding the bone in place whilst administering a shot of painkillers. It had sensors that relayed images behind the suit thus giving the illusion of invisibility in areas of low-light but the wearer had to remain still otherwise there was a blurring effect. (Batwing v1 #19) One of the features was a visual system known as detective mode that allowed the user to see through walls and locate targets. A voice modulator was present as well that could be used to mask the users voice. (Batwing v1 #22)

Numerous care packages could be deployed him in battle such as a colony of vapor bats that were robotic bat-shaped drones that deployed knockout gas. (Batwing v1 #20)


  • The second Batwing Luke Fox was created by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Eduardo Pansica where he made his first appearance in Batwing v1 #19 (June, 2013).

Alternate Versions

  • In Batman Beyond v5 #7 (2016), an alternate future timeline that was ravaged by Brother Eye had Luke Fox present where he became the Mayor of Neo-Gotham City.

In other media


  • In Batwoman, Luke Fox appeared in the setting of the live-action television series set in the Arrowverse where he was portrayed by actor Camrus Johnson.


  • In Batman: Bad Blood, Luke Fox made his debut in the animated film where he was voiced by actor Gaius Charles. He was shown as the son of Lucius Fox with his father encouraging him to seek his on path with him deciding to enlist in the service. Lucius Fox attempted to encourage his son to join him in a venture at Wayne Enterprises but Luke Fox refused. This was until the completion of his tour at Afghanistan whereupon he returned to Gotham City. During this time, Wayne Enterprises came under attack from the Heretic and his supervillain team where they pillaged a hidden vault of its advanced technology. Lucius was badly wounded from a stabbing by the Heretic and left in the hospital. In the aftermath, he decided to become a vigilante and wore a high-tech suit created by his father where he adopted the mantle of Batwing.

Video games

  • In Batman: The Telltale Series, a picture of a young Luke Fox was present in Lucius Fox's office with Bruce Wayne commenting that he was as stubborn as ever.
  • In DC Universe Online, the Luke Fox Batwing appeared in the setting of the MMORPG video game.


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