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Batman Incorporated in Batman Incorporated Special v1 #1.

Batman Incorporated is a business that features in DC Comics.




Batman, Inc.

Bruce Wayne later arrived in France with the intention of creating a new representative of the company to operate in the country but faced some opposition from the French government. However, at the time, a terrorist plot had been operating in France with the interior ministry providing Batman Incorporated an official sanction to begin their operations for a month whereupon the decision was to be re-assessed. (Detective Comics Annual v1 #12)

After Calvin Rose was saved from the Court of Owls, he and those close to him were given shelter by Batman Incorporated where they drafted him to work alongside them. (Talon v1 #14)


It was not held as being a commercial enterprise but instead operated as a peacekeeping agency that was funded entirely by private capital. Batman Incorporated sought to create private franchises in separate countries with its locally recruited operatives being masked agents that were strictly regulated from the central office. However, these representatives were also answerable to the head of the local police force. (Detective Comics Annual v1 #12)

Technological creations used by Batman Inc. included:

  • Smart Mask : a mask composed of tiny computerised electromagnetic conductors that could be programmed to manipulate and bend visible light allowing the user to make themselves appear as someone else. (Detective Comics v1 #872)

Free Batman Incorporated anti-viral software was produced by the company and was installed in Internet 3.0. (Batman Incorporated v1 #8)


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  • Nightwing :
  • Batwoman :
  • Dark Ranger :
  • The Hood :
  • Mister Unknown :
  • Batgirl :
  • Red Robin :
  • Squire :
  • Man-Of-Bats :
  • Raven Red :
  • Black Bat :


  • Batman Incorporated was created by Grant Morrison, Frazer Irving, Cameron Stewart and Chris Burnham where it made its first appearance in Batman and Robin v1 #16 (January, 2011).

In other media


  • In Young Justice, Batman Inc. was referenced in the animated television series Outsiders season. It was the informal name given to Batman's faction that quit the Justice League in order to engage the forces of the Light from the shadows.


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  • Batman Incorporated v1:
  • Batman Incorporated v2:
  • Talon v1:

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