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The Machine Men are a type of robot that features in Spider-Man Unlimited.



The Machine Men were a mass produced series of robots that were created by the High Evolutionary's armies on Counter Earth where they served as the enforcers of the Knights of Wundagore.


They appeared as large Humanoid machines with purple armour plated, two red eyes in a visor, a structure rising from their back with a cannon their right shoulder. They were capable of flight and had inbuilt weapon systems allowing them to attack as well as engage their enemies. They took commands from the Beastials elite soldiers.

One of the prior model series of Machine Men were the X-51 who were considered antique. They were the 51st series of Machine Men employed but were replaced by future series. This model contained a more cylindrical head and was in service for two decades. These models were equipped with a Remote Manual Override allowing the Knights of Wundagore to take control of them. Presumably, the standard models are also equipped with such units in order to ensure that they never went rogue.



  • Spider-Man Unlimited:

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