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The mutant Master of Magnetism. As a child, Magneto was rescued from a German POW camp by Captain America and Logan. He began using genetic enhancements from the Crystals of Cyttorak to keep himself young. He had two children, Pietro and Wanda (the latter, he had commited because of her uncontrollable rage and dangerous powers). He befriended Charles Xavier, but had a falling out with him, and instead allied with Mystique and began experimenting on her child.

Magneto then had Mystique pose as a high school principal as a tool to lure mutants to his new Brotherhood of Mutants. After a while, he tried to recruit Xavier's pupils and enhance them on Asteroid M, but he failed and his alliance with Mystique ended as well. Magneto went underground and built a new Brotherhood, recruiting Sabretooth, Colossus, Pyro and Gambit. He tried to recruit Angel and failed, and stole the Super-Soldier Serum and used it to permanently grant him youth.

Later on he was ready to expose the existence of mutants to the world, and was almost killed in a climatic battle when Scarlet Witch disabled his powers and he was almost crushed by a Sentinel. He survived thanks to Quicksilver, and later brainwashed Scarlet Witch with help from Mastermind and attempted to destroy the Emerald Scarab to prevent the release of Apocalypse, but was instead made a pawn of Mesmero; when he destroyed the Scarab, he opened the second door to Apocalypse's prison. Afterwards he allied with Xavier in a failed attempt to stop Mesmero from releasing Apocalypse. The plan failed and Apocalypse freed himself, preparing to turn all humans into mutants.

Magneto attacked Apocalypse in an all out assault, but proved to be no match for the super-mutant, and was seemingly disintigrated in front of the entire world. In actuality, Apocalypse kept Magneto in stasis and after capturing Mystique, Storm and Xavier, he unleashed them along with Magneto as his Four Horsemen. Dubbed War, Magneto was assigned the job of protecting the Guatamalan pyramid that was essential to Apocalypse's victory. Magneto was defeated by several of the X-Men and the Brotherhood and along with the rest of the Horsemen, was freed from Apocalypse's control. It was hinted in a vision Xavier saw of the future that Magneto would reform and ally with the X-Men as the teacher of the New Mutants.

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