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Magpie in Batgirl v5 #8.

Magpie is a female supervillain that features in DC.




Magpie in Batman v1 #401.

The New 52

After the Flashpoint event, it was shown that Margaret Pye was still alive and was one of the inmates at Arkham Asylum where she masqueraded as the receptionist when Jim Corrigan and Luke Fox arrived to investigate a supernatural disturbance at the site. (Batman Eternal v1 #15)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities


  • Magpie was created by John Byrne where she made her first appearance in Man of Steel v1 #3 (November 1986).

In other media


Magpie in Beware the Batman.
  • In Beware the Batman, the character made an appearance in the series where she was voiced by Grey DeLisle and made her debut in the Episode "Secrets". Her backstory revealed her as a criminal named Margaret Sorrow who had kleptomaniac tendencies who was selected for an experiment run by Bethanie Ravencroft and Joe Braxton. Sorrow would agree in exchange for a reduced sentence at Blackgate Penitentiary with the mind altering experiment actually creating two personalities within her body. The first called herself Cassie who lived a normal life whilst the second was a criminal who called herself Magpie that had curare poison on her fingernails that could grow sharp and was unable to feel pain allowing her to handle great injuries without feeling them. She would often say the words 'shiny, shiny' when she saw something she desired. As Cassie, she was hired as a receptionist for Bethanie Ravencroft who was not aware of her assistant's past whilst Magpie came to believe that the scientists had stolen her memories which she wanted back. She would target both Braxton and Ravencroft to get revenge but was stopped by Batman and Jim Gordon. In "Attraction", she remained imprisoned at Blackgate prison where she developed an attraction and obsession with Batman who had been visiting her to ensure that she was alright. When Batman dropped Lunkhead into Blackgate, Magpie wanted to speak to him but after seeing Katana she began to grow jealous of his partner. This led to her believing that Katana was controlling Batman and that she needed to escape in order to free him. When Batman rejected her, she grew violent and targeted Katana to kill her as she believed that without her than Magpie could be with Batman. She had Katana buried alive in a coffin in an empty grave at Gotham Cemetery that was created for Magpie's original identity of Margaret Sorrow. Ultimately, Katana would free herself and both her along with Batman were responsible for defeating Magpie.


  • In Superman/Batman: Public Enemies animated movie, the character did not make an appearance but reference was made to her. She was mentioned by Superman who inquired on what happened to her to which Batman replied that she had died. When Superman asked if he was sure, Batman responded he was "Reasonably" to which Kal-El asked "Why is it that the good villains never die?" with the Dark Knight responding with "Clark, what the hell are good villains?"


  • Batman: #401
  • Batman Eternal:

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