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The Marduk are an alien species that featured in Macross II.



The Marduk were a spacefaring alien civilization of Microns that engaged in a life of endless war. At some unknown point, they had managed to enslave the Zentraedi along with the Meltraedi through the use of the songs sung by their Emulator priestesses. According to legend, long ago there was the launch of a legendary vessel known as the Alus that was seen as a space craft that brought peace to others. Under the leadership of Ingues, their armada went through space where they waged an endless series of war against other worlds. A legendary prophet of their people spoke of a prophecy where he foretold that a being from a blue world would bring an end to the Marduk reign of war through the Alus and usher in a new era of peace. As such, Ingues came to fear the threat posed to his rule by the Alus and this other peaceful culture.

In 2092, the Marduk armada arrived within the Earth solar system where they began to engage against the U.N. Spacy.

The Marduk invasion finally ended when the Emulator Ishtar back to sing a song of life to her people. When her people began to show reluctance in further attacks, Emperor Ingues began punishing his own forces. However, this simply ignited the fires of rebellion among his people who began actively attacking their master. Ingues was destroyed on his fortress ship and the Marduk resolved to make a peaceful outcome to the war inspired by their Emperor. They then departed the Earth to live a life of peace in the stars.


In appearance, the Marduk were a race of Microns that resembled humans. Their faces were often decorated with tattoos and markings.

Proud Marduk warriors knew no other life than war and service to their Emperor with them only ending this duty at their death. Their discipline meant that they expected to be punished with death for failure or disobeying commands. A failure for their warriors was daring to love above their station. Though much of their mecha were piloted by Zentrans, there were several that were made specifically for use by Marduk warriors.

A special priestess class among the Marduk consisted solely of women and were known as Emulators. This group of Marduk priestesses sang special music that was amplified throughout the war fleets and sent them into various stages of rage that enhanced their performance against the enemy. The music influenced the Zentraedi slave forces completely and controlled their movements in battle such as through the Song of War. The Song of Death sent Zentraedi pilots into suicidal attacks designed to cause catastrophic damage to enemy vessels. Emulators were only taught to use their songs for war and death with any other form of culture unknown to them. It was said that it was impossible to control Zentrans without the use of an Emulator with the Marduk struggling to control their slave soldiers violent instincts. Marduk Zentraedi had the means of locating the bio-signal of an Emulator with these female Marduk wearing special tracking bracelets allowing them to be located.

The lowest tier within the Marduk were their Zentraedi soldiers who were brainwashed to serve as mindless warriors for their masters. In battle, the Emulators were used to motivate the Zentran warriors. Songs of war made the Zentran fight even more fiercely in battle whilst songs of death saw them overwhelmed to the point that they engaged in suicide attacks as they single-mindedly tried to destroy their foes. Without the songs, the Zentran warriors faced confusion when on the battlefield.

Within their society, war dominated their civilization with them seeking to find and wage conflict other races that they sought to destroy. Without war, they believed that they had no purpose or history. They believed that peace could only be achieved by purging impure world's and dominate them with this being their divine destiny. Peace for their kind was said to be achieved only through their unmatched and absolute power. Without such a force, they believed that only confusion and disorder would reign unbridled across the universe. According to their beliefs, no force in the universe could overpower them and therefore resisting their conquest was impossible. Marduk were taught never to smile or show happiness as such expressions of emotions meant that their enemies would win. Some among their kind that a life of such constant warfare demanded by their leader would lead to the eventual destruction of their people. Any such thoughts were seen as sedition with the leader of the Marduk showing no mercy as he had those that did not follow his commands being destroyed. Punishment was made according to the dictates of their Marduk discipline. All those that had questioned their divine belief were met with their doom for believing in this heresy. Marduk had a low opinion of aliens and felt that they needed to purge themselves of such outside contamination.

Marduk were fluent in their own language and that of the Zentraedi.

Their vessels shared a similar design aesthetic as those of Zentraedi ships though there were notable differences. However, such was the similarity that their foes mistook them for being transient Zentraedi. A number of larger Marduk ships were able to split open and fire large scale energy blasts that could annihilate enemy fleets, ships and fighters. They made use of a large variety of mecha for use in combat that could engage in space warfare or on a planetary surface.


  • Ingues : male Lord Emperor of the Marduk who saw himself as their god anda ruthless tyrant that had forced his will on his people to wage endless war against other races and punished acts of disobedience. He commanded the invasion of the Earth solar system from his mobile fortress that he was bonded to and came to fear the power of the Alus. Ingues was killed when the Marduk rebelled against him after being inspired by the Emulator Ishtars love song with him being killed after his mobile fortress was destroyed on Earth.
  • Dinus : a legendary prophet who foretold a prophecy that spoke of the Alus bringing an end to the Marduk reign of war and ushering in an era of peace.
  • Elensh : a female Emulator, Lady Elensh was a senior priestess who was aboard the Sarride who was in charge of deprogramming Ishtar following her exposure to Earth's culture. She was killed when the Sarride was destroyed by a Marduk cruiser dispatched by Ingues after he learnt that the vessel was contaminated by human song when Ishtar sang an Earth song.
  • Volf : a male Master Captain who commanded the Sarride and was in charge of the ship when Lady Ishtar was brought on-board to be deprogrammed by Lady Elensh. After contamination emerged from Ishtars Earth song, he locked down the ship and warned Feff to stay away until the matter was resolved. He later learnt that two humans were on his ship and dispatched warriors to eliminate them. Volf was killed alongside the rest of the Sarride crew when word of contamination had reached Emperor Ingues who dispatched a warship to destroy their vessel.
  • Feff : a male Marduk soldier that captained his own vessel that had the Emulator Ishtar. He believed in a life of war and considered himself a proud soldier who knew no other life. However, he was also secretly in love with Ishtar which he considered a shame as he loved someone above his station.
  • Ishtar : a female Marduk Emulator that sang the war songs of her people on board Feff's vessel during the war against Earth. She encountered Hibiki Kanzaki who took her to Earth where she was exposed to their culture and shown a life other than endless warfare.


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