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The Zentraedi are an alien species that features in the Macross series.



The Zentraedi (ゼントラーディ人 Zentorādi-jin?) were a genetically engineered race of warrior giants that had been created by the ancient Protoculture civilization. Around 497,500 years ago, the first humanoid civilization known as the Protoculture developed a spacefaring race to serve as proxy warriors in their conflict. The Zentraedi contributed realty to the expansion of the Protoculture civilization and led to the Protoculture Stellar Republic controlling much of the galaxy.


In appearance, the Zentraedi were a race of giant humanoids similar to humanity.

They were shown to hold an instinctive fear of the Protodeviln.


  • Britai Kridanik :
  • Exsedol Folmo :
  • Milia Fallyna Jenius :
  • Mylene Flare Jenius :
  • Mirage Farina Jenius :
  • Klan Klang :
  • Ernest Johnson :


  • In the original Macross TV series the Zentradi possessed a fictional alien alphabet which was developed by Kazutaka Miyatake of the Studio Nue staff but their dialogue was automatically translated into Japanese language. However, in the Macross: Do You Remember Love? animated film the Zentradi were actually shown speaking a fictional extraterrestrial language that also was developed for the movie by the Studio Nue production staff with subtitles provided for the audience.
  • In Macross II, the separate continuity showed the humanoid known as the Marduk made use of mind controlled Zentraedi as disposable soldiers that were controlled by the alien's Emulators.
  • In Robotech, the race were adapted to the series with a different backstory.

Alternate Versions

  • In Super Dimensional Fortress Macross II: Lovers Again, an alternate continuity was shown with a different series of events. A Micron alien race by the name of the Marduk had managed to take control of a large number of Zentraedi that they used as slave warriors who were brainwashed and directed through the use of war songs sung by their priestess Emulators. Emulators had an important role among the Marduk as they were vital in controlling Zentran who could also locate the bio-signals of these priestesses. After Space War I, many of the Zentraedi and Meltraedi remained on Earth where they lived in co-existence with mankind on the planet after becoming enamoured with culture. In deep space, there were still fleets of hostile transient Zentraedi that were still looking for enemies to fight and destroy. To combat these Zentraedi, the U.N. Spacy created Operation Minmay where they used satellites to project a singer and broadcast music to the enemy to shock them to the point that the human forces defeated them. Among the last time a Zentraedi fleet emerged in 2082 who were defeated by the use of the Minmay Defense. In 2092, the Marduk arrived in the Earth solar system where the use of their songs allowed them to circumvent Operation Minmay where they slowly inflicted heavy casualties among the U.N. Spacy as they headed towards Earth.

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