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Mary Jane Watson is a female comic character that features in Marvel Comics.




Mary Jane Watson was a female human born in the modern age where her father was Phillip Watson and mother was Madeline Watson with her having an older sister named Gayle Watson. Her parents had met in college with Phillip majoring in modern American literature whilst Madeline was a drama student. The two fell in love with Madeline looking to move to New York City to try an acting career when Phillip was offered a teaching position at a small college. Madeline gladly accepted with the pair getting married and eighteen months later they had their first child who was a daughter they named Gayle. Four years later, the had a second daughter which was Mary Jane Watson with the family being happy at first. Her father had become a full professor who was popular with his students and respected by the college administration whilst her mother devoted her time to the children. Despite their situation, Phillip was not satisfied as he wanted to prove to the world by being an award winning writer but he was unable to succeed. In anger, he began to take out his frustrations on his family who he believed were distracting him during his writing. This led to a period when her father began to switch jobs where he moved from one college to the next whilst taking his family with him as he searched for something but could never find it. Her mother Madeline endured the constant moving despite her and the children hating it. As a result, the children were constantly moving schools with it not being easy for Mary Jane to make friends but in her desperation for the other kids to like her she began to act as the class clown whilst her sister Gayle handled her loneliness by going into dance as well as music. During this time, the marriage between her parents began to breakdown with Phillip blaming his wife stating that the house and children were weighing him down from achieving his dreams. On one of these days, he grew angry at the costs for his daughter Gayle's dance classes and struck her with Madeline begging him to stop taking his frustration out on the children. An angry and enraged Mary Jane ran away from the house but bottled up her feelings before returning home. Eventually, her mother decided to give up on the marriage and resolved to leaving her husband. This happened a few week later when he was being honoured by his college which was when Madeline, Gayle and Mary Jane left their home during the awards ceremony. A messy divorce followed as her father sued her mother for desertion with the courts not looking kindly on Madeline Watson. With little money, they began to stay with relatives where they moved from one to another despite some members of these families feeling that they were a burden on them. Among her relatives that she enjoyed staying with the most was her Aunt Anna who was her fathers sister. When she was thirteen, she was introduced to Anna's friend May Parker who had a nephew a year older than Mary Jane and on one such day she first saw Peter Parker. (Amazing Spider-Man v1 #259)



One More Day

Back with Peter

She then began to work on a movie with legendary director Cage McKnight though had issues with the script she was given. It was during this time that she learnt that McKnight was actually Mysterio as Quentin Beck had assumed his identity for the movie. However, he revealed he had no malicious intent and simply wanted to make a good movie and decided to use McKnight's identity for the task. During this time, Mary Jane and Quentin began to collaborate as the two worked together into making a better movie. (Amazing Mary Jane v1 #1)


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She had a younger kid cousin who was the red headed Kristy Watson. (The Spectacular Spider-Man v1 #145)

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  • Mary Jane Watson was created by Stan Lee, John Romita, Sr. and Steve Ditko where she made a partial appearance in the Amazing Spider-Man v1 #25 (June, 1965) before making a full appearance in the Amazing Spider-Man v1 #42 (November, 1966).

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