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Morpheus D. Duvall was once a top level executive for the Umbrella Corporation. He was in charge their primary waste disposal facility on an unnamed island somewhere in the Atlantic. He was the mastermind behind the company's plan to steal the G-Virus from Dr. William Birkin, and was held responsible by Umbrella for the outbreak in Raccoon City after the assassins botched their mission. As a result, he was fired. Beliving that he was unfairly terminated, Morpheus plotted revenge against Umbrella. In addition to being vengeful, Morpheus was also completely insane. After destroying Umbrella, he planned to launch missiles from his hidden base beneath the ocean.

The missiles, loaded with samples of the T-Virus that Morpheus had stolen from Umbrella's Paris headquarters, were intended to strike major cities around the world. His motive was that he wanted to remake the world as he saw fit, getting rid of everything "ugly" and replacing it with "beauty." Morpheus and a small band of his loyal followers hijacked the Umbrella-owned cruise liner known as the Spencer Rain, and unleashed the T-Virus aboard. Unfortunately for Morpheus' associates, he deemed them expendable and they too were infected with the virus. Afterwards, Bruce McGivern boarded the Spencer Rain to stop him. Morpheus almost killed Bruce, but was stopped by Fong Ling and severely injured by a grenade she threw.

The dying Morpheus attempted to kill Bruce and Ling by unleashing a pair of new, improved Hunter variants, known as the Hunter Elites, but this attempt failed when Bruce managed to slay the beasts. In a last-ditch effort, Morpheus injected himself with a unique combination of the G-Virus and the T-Virus, the TG-Virus, transforming into the T-092 Tyrant. And since the T-092 was female, Morpheus' gender was instantly changed. He was now a she, something the beauty-obsessed Morpheus was fine with.

When the Spencer Rain reached the island (crashing into its rocky shore in the process), Morpheus immediately proceeded down to her underwater base just offshore of the isle. She set the missile launch sequence into motion, then kidnapped Fong Ling. Taunting Bruce over the closed-circuit TV system, she lured him to the missile silo's power core, intending to kill him. Unfortunately for her, Bruce had a weapon capable of harming the supposedly invincible Tyrant 092: the Charged Particle Rifle. Morpheus was defeated easily by Bruce using this weapon.

But Morpheus was hardly through. The G-Virus in her blood allowed her to recover from this near-death experience and, like a G-Type, she was given an instant evolutionary boost, although, much to her despair, her new form, that of a monstrous, blob-like entity was hardly beautiful. Enraged, she attempted to chase Bruce down and kill him, but the young American agent was able to successfully destroy Morpheus once and for all.

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