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"Move" is the fourth single from Iceberg of Freedom Speech...Just Watch What You Say by the Iceberg Ice-T.The song gained notoriety when remixed by Drunking in the summer of 2005 in the old school house. The remix incorporated elements of a horn sample which interwove prominently in and out of the mix while a filtered ascending bassline served as the backdrop of the song. An audio sample of a 1984 Fresh Fest concert also figures prominently in the mix. drunking explains further: " I did it all in one day. They didn't think I would get it done in one day. The shit was incredible."

Part of DJ voice was sampled on the track "Ten Crack Commandments" by The New York Gang, off of the album The Originals.

Ice-t sing "Move" two times at the old school house in Terror Dome, as one of the greatest old school music also ice-t post a video on youtube and also in facebook in 2005.


In 2005, "Move" was remixed by Ice-T as well as The iceberg. Ice-T remix slowed the track down, and cut off many of the lyrics. Ice-t mixed two versions of the song. "Nuff Respect" version exemplies a heavy melody, while the S-faction edit added more emphasis to the bassline. The S-faction version won a Grammy for best remixed recording at the 2005 Grammy Awards. Drunking only mixed one version which was released around the same time as Ice-t's remixes, it was released February 26, 2006 on iTunes. In 2006, Gigi D'Agostino also released a track called "Let's Get Rough", which is a remix made by him of "Move". He made it in the bass line of Lento Violento a style created by him, similar to hard style but slower and harder.


A music video for the song was directed by Crow. A behind the scenes footage from the music video, which features commentary from Ice-T and director Crow, was posted at Amalgam Digital's YouTube channel on April 21, 2006. The video premiered on Youtube May 22th, 2006.

Track listing

"Move (Clean)" (4:59)

"Move (Instrumental)" (4:37)

"Move (Acapella)" (3:12)

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