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Mummudrai Revenant Cassandra Nova in Uncanny X-Force v2 #15.

The Mummudrai are a species that feature in Marvel Comics.



Mummudrai were a race of bodiless parasites that were legends among the Shi'ar. (New X-Men v1 #126) Among mankind, these entities were also known as Revenants. (Uncanny X-Force v2 #12)

Centuries ago, the Shi'ar were engaged in a war with another empire known as the Heptarchy and losing against this foes. Thus, they sought to find a weapon in order to defeat their enemy. As such, they took Ul'var Urizen of the Ul'var Clan wjereupon they studied him in order to extract a dormant Mummudrai within him. This Mummudrai was known as Ev Teel Urizen where scientists opened it up with psi-scalpels to map it inside and out. The purpose of this project was the creation of a superweapon known as the Hecatomb that was an artificial Mummudrai which consumed the minds of victims but left infrastructure. The device as deployed on the Heptarchy homeworld where 18 billion died as their minds were consumed. However, instead of erasing their minds, it absorbed them and they awoke inside the Hecatomb's matrix. The Shi'ar attempted to deactivate the device but it went rogue and continued in its mad anger to feed off thought. Ev Teel Urizen managed to escape containment but the Hecatomb pursued him through space where it consumed everything in its path. (X-Men v2 #198)

Ten years ago, Manta of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard encountered bodiless Mummudrai on the war-world of Chaturanga. (New X-Men v1 #125)

During the birth of Charles Xavier, his twin sister Cassandra Nova was born dead as a stillborn. In reality, Cassandra as a Mummudrai survived as a chaotic form of cellular matter. For the next forty years, she remained hidden inside Xavier's body and waited until she was strong enough to be free. (New X-Men v1 #126)

After copying Xaviers DNA, Nova gained access to the full talent of his latent Mutant powers thus giving Cassandra vast psionic powers.

Urizen managed to arrive on Earth but the Hecatomb was in pursuit of him. (X-Men v2 #198)

A version of Cassandra Nova travelled back in time to the 21st century where she was in the guise of the Revenants Queen. The 4,000 year old psychic entity intended to rip apart the veil between Earth and the psychic Underworld. This was to bring about the Great Corruption allowing the Revenants to mass possess the people of Las Vegas. From there, she intended to wipe out the rest of humanity. (Uncanny X-Force v2 #12)

In one possible future shown in Uncanny X-Force v2 (2013), the 68th century saw an everlasting war between humans and Revenants with mankind creating the Order to battle the psychic demons. This period came about when thE imortal Cassandra Novast as the Grear White Owl brought about the Great Corruption.


It was said that the Mummudrai were immortal psychic parasites that saw all life apart from their own as irrelevant. (X-Men v2 #198) Legends said that each individual faced their own personal Mummudrai in the womb shortly before birth. They were the first experience of the alien and other faced by a newborn life. (New X-Men v1 #126) Members of this kind were born alongside living beings in the womb with the majority dying there. However, a few managed to survive by devouring the mind of their host. A rare few remained dormant in their host and were harmless. (X-Men v2 #198) The majority of their kind were noted for being evil psychic creatures that could possess humans. (Uncanny X-Force v2 #5)

As bodiless parasites, they were born without true flesh and without any real substance. (New X-Men v1 #126) Mummudrai were bodiless life forms of pure emotional energy that took over a hosts nervous system. (New X-Men v1 #125) Certain Mummudrai could copy living cells in order to build themselves a body. Such a process could allow access to the full spectrum of latent functions of a victims genome. (New X-Men v1 #126) They were basically energy lattices that could be scrambled with a focused E.M. pulse. (X-Men v2 #197)

One kind of these entities were Bull Revenants that could pull together physical forms of their own making them powerful and tough creatures. (Uncanny X-Force v2 #5)

In the books of the Shi'ar, they were referred to as the anti-self and the opposite of their hosts. There were tales of these bodiless Mummudrai spawn that could strip a man of their hopes and dreams as if they were skin. (New X-Men v1 #125)


  • Cassandra Nova :
  • Ev Teel Urizen : dormant Mummudrai extracted from Ul'var Urizen of the Ul'var Clan to create the Hecatomb. (X-Men v2 #198)


  • The Mummudrai were created by Grant Morrison and Igor Kordey where they made their first appearance in New X-Men v1 #125 (June, 2002).
  • During an interview with Mike Carey, the writer revealed that an arc in his X-Men: Legacy run would have introduced another Mummudrai alongside Cassandra Nova. He stated on the aborted story that, "We were going to have a mummudrai from outer space come and impregnate Cassandra Nova, with the litter of young mummudrai gestating in the X-Men's brains. That would have been fun to do, but Joss Whedon got to Cassandra before I did."
  • In Uncanny X-Force v2 (2014), they were referred to as Revenants. Writer Sam Humphries said in an interview, "The legend of the mummudrai -- the Sh'iar word for revenant -- states that everyone has a revenant when they're born. That means there's about a hundred billion of these slathering, snarling goblins out there, waiting for an opportunity to experience the good life on this side of the psychic divide. If you open that door between our worlds, you'll never get it closed again. The revenants have languished too long with the short end of the stick. They're envious, and hungry."


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