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Mystletainn, a Dream Demon.

Mystletainn is a female anime villain that features in Dream Eater Merry.



An inhabitant of the Dream World.

Mystletainn (ミストルティン Misutorutin?) was a Dream Demons who formerly resided in the other realm of Dream World and born in the land of nightmares. She came to be a powerful demon who enjoyed torturing and slaying those of her kind that were weaker than her. At some point, the Dream Demon Lestion and his comrades had confronted Mystletainn who enjoyed torturing her foes but quickly found it boring. As a result, most of their number were slain which left Lestion the only survivor who swore revenge against her for the death of his comrades. It was noted that she was an ally of Pharos Hercules though one who was unpredictable and unstable. She came to break through the barrier into the real world where she possessed a vessel in Ryota Ijima. The human also had a wish to destroy the dreams and goals of other people leading to Mystletainn finding that the two had compatible aims leading to them working together. It was said that Ijima was the one who came up with the plan for Mystletainn to force other Dream Demons into the bodies of his students after they revealed their dreams of the future with him. It was then that Mystletainn entered the students dreams and destroyed the Dream Demon which left the human host as a lifeless empty shell.

Yumeji through his intense belief managed to summon the cleaver that was used by John Doe and with his faith in it he was able to wield an unbreakable blade that Mystletainn was unable to shatter.

This was until Merry freed herself from the bud of despair after hearing Yumeji's words and believed in him. At the same time, Engi came to believe in Yumeji's words as well and healed herself where she broke Mystletainn's Daydream reverting it to her own. The two Dream Demons moved to the offensive where they managed to wound the Ocean of Trees causing her to retreat. To protect herself, Mystletainn consumed Tachibane's Dream Demon and used it as her hostage. However, Merry was convinced by Yumeji to use her power to send the captive demon back to the Dream World and her faith in his words led her to land a blow on the Ocean of Trees. After being hit, a wound opened at the site where Mystletainn was previously hit by the gun and opened allowing the captive Dream Demon to be freed. The demon was thankful and disappeared as it went back to the Dream World. This attack allowed Engi to strike with her sword where she dealt the killing blow that killed Mystletainn.


Personality and attributes

The Ocean of Trees.

In appearance, she took the form of a young girl with long white hair and wearing a dress with vines on them. She was also known by her second name which was the "ocean of trees".

Whilst appearing as a young innocent girl, Mystletainn was actually a sadist who ruthlessly killed others. She was shown to enjoy tormenting her victims and demonstrating that she was much more powerful than them. Whilst a savage fighter, she also had a cowardly nature as she was perfectly willing to use tricks in order to prevent her enemies from attacking her. An example was her swallowing Pallette in order to use her as a hostage to cause Merry and Engi to hesitate in attacking her.

A reason for implanting humans with Dream Demons was so that she could allow them to grow until she eventually decided to hunt them as her prey. Such moments saw her killing the demon inside the vessel resulting in the human losing all ambition to achieve their dreams or goals. This left such humans blank eyed and in near coma states where they drifted aimlessly and held no trace of personality.

Though an ally of Hercules, she was not above killing his allies simply to sate her boredom. She was said to be his equal in power but that she was much more savage than him.

Powers and abilities

After she consumed a Dream Demon.

As a Dream Demon, Mystletainn had greater than human powers within the dreams of others with it said that unlike other members of her kind that she was formed from negative emotions such as hate and spite. Such was her strength that Hercules even acknowledged her power.

Within her own daydream, she could make use of water to form projectiles in the form of droplets. Mystletainn could expand them in order to envelope a person and keep them inside of it leading to them effectively drowning in the water surrounding them. She could also extend two leafy stem-like tendrils as both long-range and close-range weapons with them being incredibly sharp where she used them to lethal effect by stabbing her foes as well as slicing or piercing armour. Mystletainn could also summon various plant-based weapons that resembled spears or staves and could ire bud-like projectiles at targets. In times of desperation, she could also swallow other Dream Demons into herself where they resided in her abdomen and allowed her to use them as a hostage to cause their allies hesitate in attacking Mystletainn.

An ability she possessed was the power to forcibly place Dream Demons into human vessels. She was able to call upon seed pods that dropped Buds of Despair that were large flowers that swallowed their targets whole within then. Once engulfed, the individual inside was subjected to their own doubts and fears to destroy them. Thus, she was able to cause the demise of foes without having to be involved herself. The plant had numerous vines that attacked anyone that tried to open the bud but powerful individuals were able to break free.

Similar to all Dream Demons, she had her own unique environment that manifested during a Daydream which took the form of an ocean filled with thorns.


  • Mystletainn was voiced by Japanese actor Kenichi Suzumura and by actor Vic Mignogna in the English dub.
  • The character did not feature in the Manga and was instead an original character for the anime series.


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