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Necro is a male video game character who features in Street Fighter.



Illia (イリア Iria?)

As a boy, Illia was kidnapped by a mysterious organization led by Gill and converted into a human test subject for the biological warfare think-tank known as the G-Project. As a young man, his cellular structure and outward appearance had changed drastically, the result of DNA alterations forging Illia into a prototype super soldier. Accompanied by his mutant girlfriend Effie, the now named Necro (ネクロ Nekuro?) enters the third World Warrior tournament to personally get revenge on Gill and to win his and Eiffie's freedom from the G-Project.

When Necro found Gill, Necro would have died at Gill's hands had Effie not saved him. Feeling that they could not let them live knowing the G-Project's secrets, Gill's organization constantly hunts for the two mutants.


Personality and attributes

Necro's skin is pasty white with red marks on his face and shoulders. His eyes have no pupils and are yellow in color while his nose is long and pointed. He wears a set of purple overalls and large boots with shin pads that run up to his knees as well as a metal collar around his neck. His arms are lanky due to his elastic powers.

Powers and abilities

Necro's invasive gene therapy had provided him with an internal power generator, and a cybernetic computer that regulates his combat capabilities. Most notably, Necro is able to stretch and twist his body in superhuman ways, delivering long distance attacks with ease, similar to the Yoga master Dhalsim. However, while Dhalsim naturally projects his stretching limbs outward, Necro requires some momentum in thrusting out his limbs, requiring him to spin or otherwise create forward motion in order to project his extremities. Necro can also generate surges of electricity like Blanka.


  • Necro was voiced by actor Michael Sommers in Street Fighter: New Generation and Street Fighter: 2nd Impact whilst he was voiced by actor Lawrence Bayne in Street Fighter: 3rd Strike.


  • Street Fighter III:

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