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A Neo Lord.

The Neo Lords were a genetically created species that featured in Exo-Squad.


After the breakthroughs made by the Neosapiens in creating the Neo Warriors, Phaeton ordered the creation of a superior breed of supersoldiers that were completely loyal to the Neosapien Commonwealth's leader. Under the direction of Praetorius, a base was established in Antartica where Neosapien scientists combined animal genetics with that of Neosapiens but in a way that it did compromise the creatures intelligence. The first batch of creatures were being tested at the facility and one was dispatched on a test against J. T. Marsh in order to determine its effectiveness. This breeding facility in Antartica was destroyed due to the actions of Able Squad.


The Neo Lord differs from the other broods of Neosapiens as it mixes a combination of various animal based genetic materials with that of Neosapien DNA but in a way that it does not degrade the resulting beings intelligence. As such, the Neo Lord combines the strength of the Neo Warriors but with the intelligence of a Neosapien.

The first test subject displayed animalistic qualities such as sharp teeth and a larger more beastial form as well as sharp claws on its fingers and toes. It was capable of spitting acid that was able to dissolve metals and was strong enough to fight an E-Frame as well as survive againts its weapon or hand-to-hand attacks. This allowed them to easily overpower a Neosapien even. In addition to this, the Neo Lord was capable of camoflaging itself to its surrounding with its skin changing color to match its environment making it visually invisible, however, this did not mask its heat signature from infra-red sensors. Despite this being the case, the Neo Lord had complete control over its own biology allowing it to control its body's circulation and body heat dropping it to the level where it would be invisble to infra-red sensors even. The creatures were quite resilient and able to survive a great deal of punishment.

In addition to these abilities, the back of the Neo Lord appears to be armored with a type of natural exo-skeleton and is where the wings of the creature resides. At its command, a pair of four insectile wings can open giving the Neo Lord the power of flight. This ability gives it a certain mobility on the battlefield and is quite capable of keep up with an E-frame. Furthermore, there does not appear to be any degradation in its flight ability when the Neo Lord carries a weapon. A Neo Lord would lose this ability if one of the wings were damaged badly though this would not affect the creatures capacity to continue on fighting.

Though it had a great many abilities, the strongest feature of the Neo Lords were their intelligence which allowed them to set traps against their enemies and lure them into ambushes.

While the creatures were very loyal, they saw themselves as superior creatures compared to other beings and many turned against their superior during the fall of the Martian Commonwealth on Phaeton's orders.

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