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New Texas is a planet that features in BraveStarr cartoon series.



New Texas

An outlaw by the name of Tex alongside his partner Angus McBride were on New Texas in order to mine it of Kerium. After uncovering a large deposit of it, the criminal enslaved the local Prairie People to mine a large stash of it. He then betrayed McBride and left him behind as his craft launched but the supply of Kerium was too much for the ship thus overloading its capacity leading to its crash. He was fatally injured where he was found by Stampede who magically transformed the outlaw into his servant. Meanwhile, McBride came to survive the landslide that resulted from the incident where he was found by a team of medics leading to public knowledge that New Texas was rich in Kerium. As a result, people from all across space journeyed to New Texas in order to mine it bringing about widespread settlement of the planet. This had the added effect of falling into Stampede's plans as he reasoned that this would bring in various people of a more evil nature with him intending to force these outlaws to serve him as part of his army. In the aftermath, Tex Hex came to terrorise the planet where over time he began to bring others under his control as part of his gang. (Episode: BraveStarr: The Movie)


Notable locations on the planet included:

  • Hexagon : the home of Stampede and was the site where Tex Hex along with his gang gathered to serve his master. (Episode: Fallen Idol)
  • Fort Kerium :
  • Starr Peak :
  • Stone Canyon :
  • Peaceful Valley :
  • Badlands :

The planet was noted for being rich in the mineral Kerium that was the rarest element in the universe. (Movie: BraveStarr: The Movie)

Races native to the world included:

  • Prairie Person :


  • Stampede :
  • BraveStarr :
  • Tex Hex :
  • Angus McBride :
  • Thirty/Thirty :


  • New Texas featured in the setting of BraveStarr.


  • BraveStarr: "The Movie"
  • BraveStarr: "Fallen Idol"

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