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Nico Robin is a female character who features in One Piece.



Nico Robin (ニコ・ロビン Niko Robin)

As a child, Robin studied archeology and history on an island named Ohara, and became an official archaeologist at the age of eight. Her mother Nico Olvia left her when she was two years old to do illegal research on the One Piece world's lost history. Olvia was captured and the Navy discovered, that the scholars of Ohara shared Olvia's forbidden goal. She escaped and rushed to Ohara to warn her colleagues but did not make it in time. The Marines bombarded Ohara and burned the island to the ground, killing all of the inhabitants. Robin was spared and allowed to escape by Vice-Admiral Kuzan, who would later be known as Admiral Aokiji.

As she was the only known person left with the ability to read the text of the forbidden history, the World Government placed a high bounty on her head. In order to survive and to pursue her mother's dream, she spent two decades in the service of various pirates and other criminal organizations. Due to her excessive bounty, she was consistently betrayed, eroding her ability to trust others.

At the age of 24, she went to work for Sir Crocodile as "Miss All Sunday", and met the Straw Hat pirates during the Arabasta rebellion. After the defeat of Crocodile, she stowed away on board the Going Merry. She convinced the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates to accept her as a comrade. She reasoned that, since Luffy he saved her life when she had no reason to live, he was responsible for her.

She stays with the crew, until Aokiji appeared once again. The Straw Hats are quickly dispatched by his overwhelming power. He informs the crew that every organization Nico Robin has associated with has eventually been destroyed. Shortly after that, on Water 7, she is approached by the CP9 and her crew is threatened a second time, she gives herself up in exchange for her comrades safety.

When the Straw Hats learn of her motives, they chase the CP9 to the judicial stronghold of Enies Lobby, while Robin persistently refuses to be rescued. In addition to the safety of her friends, Robin turns herself in out of fear that the Straw Hats would come to regard her as a burden, and betray her like her previous associates.

When the Straw Hats learn this truth, they don't hesitate to exclaim their devotion for their comrades by burning the government's flag. With the symbol of her prosecution going up in flames, she realizes how far they would go to protect her and declares her newfound desire to live. With the defeat of the CP9 and the obliteration of Enies Lobby, Robin becomes an official member of the Straw Hat Pirates.


Personality and attributes

Nico Robin is a tall, attractive woman with shoulder length black hair. She usually wears somewhat revealing clothing (usually showing her breast cleavage and her belly) that is either dark in color or consisting of leather, sometimes both, and has worn a purple cowboy hat on numerous occasions. Robin also resembles her mother greatly, with the exception of her hair color and style. In the anime her skin tone is also slightly darker than her mother's.

As an archaeologist, Robin values ancient artifacts and buildings and will risk her life to protect them. She becomes extremely angry with those who destroy these ancient relics. Robin is consistently portrayed as the wisest and most sensible member of the crew. She has vast knowledge of the world of One Piece, and usually keeps her head during surprising situations, allowing her to logically analyze them without losing her cool. This is in direct contrast to the other Straw Hats, who often overreact comically or melodramatically to unexpected happenings and hold irrational ideas and conclusions. She even remains calm when talking about morbid subjects, often shocking her crewmates.

Powers and abilities

Robin ate the Flower Flower Fruit ((ハナハナの実) allowing her to create copies of any of her body parts[2] on any solid surface that she can see, such as her own body, on the bodies of others or on other objects. In battle she most often employs grappling techniques to incapacitate her foe; by replicating her limbs on their body she eliminates the need for close range combat. If Robin's replicated body parts are damaged in some way, the damage appears on her actual body.[3]

Robin usually names her techniques using the French word 'Fleur', preceded by a Spanish number corresponding to the number of limbs reproduced.[4] In the 4kids dub, she instead says a number in English before saying "floret".

Robin is an archaeologist and historian, and believed to be the only person in the story's present able to read the fictional Poneglyph language. Her dream is to find and decipher the Rio Poneglyph, which she believes to lie at the end of the Grand Line on the island of Raftel.


  • Nico Robin was created by Eiichiro Oda where she made her first appearance in One Piece.

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