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Nikki Connors is a female video game character from the Rogue Ops universe.


Nikki Connors was am American citizen who lived in the 20th century where she entered into the United States Army and became a Green Beret. During this time, she got married and had a daughter with them living a happy life until her husband along with her child were killed by terrorists. This group, called Omega-19 was involved in the act which led to Connors leaving the Green Berets. Distraught and filled with a desire to get revenge, she learnt of a secret covert ops unit within the government called Phoenix that was involved in operations against threats against the United States. Joining the group, she became a highly skilled operative with the aim of getting her revenge against the group for their crimes against her now deceased family.

One of her first missions was the stealth deployment in the field in order to track down Henry Van Cleef who was associated with the organization and responsible for raising revenue for their operations. Furthermore, he possessed a book that contained all relevant information about Omega-19 in case his superiors ever turned against him. This saw Nikki being deployed in La Cassa Negra in order to retrieve the document. Using stealth and covert ops, she managed to not only defeat his guards but procure the item before being extracted from the location whereupon she returned to headquarters for her next mission.

Another mission led to her discovery of a captured Phoenix agent where they learnt that top Omega-19 officer Serena Demeter had plans to launch a Coldbringer; a nuclear missle that would unleash an electromagnetic pulse in order to knock out all electronic technology in a given area. From her conversation with Cody, she determined that the terrorist group intended to launch it at the United States to wipe the governments technological base. This would bring a total economic breakdown and she was given her orders to stop Omega-19 no matter the cost. When asked what to do with the Phoenix team leader, she was ordered to leave him behind as rescuing him would tip off Omega-19 leading to the mission being compromised. She successfully managed to stop the missile silo from being launched and was extracted from the site by helicopter.

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