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Nikki Connors is a female video game character from the Rogue Ops universe.


The origins of Omega-19 was not known except that they existed in the 20th century in the years following the collapse of the Soviet Union. It consisted of a core group of disaffected military officers from the years of the Soviet Union's reign with a dream of returning their homeland to its former glory. Initially, they were involved in simple terrorist strikes against the United States; one of which killed the husband and daughter of Green Beret soldier Nikki Connors. They gradually began to change their tactics in order to ultimately achieve their goal but now faced opposition from a secret United States covert ops group called Phoenix. One source of revenue for Omega-19 was in La Cassa Negra where their associate Henry Van Cleef was responsible for funneling money for their activities.


  • Henry Van Cleef : an international illegal arms dealer and Omega 19 operative. He is the subject of Nikki's first mission. The information learned from him, before his none too timely death, allows Phoenix to uncover a sinister Omega 19 plot.
  • Serena Demeter : a ruthless terrorist and psychotic killer who doesn't suffer fools gladly. She has proved her loyalty to Omega 19 many times over and is absolutely trusted by them to carry out their most important operations, quickly and efficiently, and usually with style. Nikki will clash with her more than once during her missions.
  • Agostan Varga : a corrupt Hungarian politician who has sold his services, along with an ex-soviet nuclear device, to Omega 19 for large sums of cash.
  • Ernst Stauffer : head of his family‚Äôs privately owned Swiss bank and an active Omega 19 operative. He is tasked with using his highly secure bank to hide illegal Omega 19 funds that run into millions.
  • Doctor Evgeni Slavko : a chemical warfare scientist who created many horrendous weapons for his former soviet paymasters. With the collapse of the old Soviet Union, Slavko thought he was out of a job until recruited by Omega 19. He now continues his nefarious work for them.

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