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Nirrti is a female extraterrestrial villain that features in Stargate.



One of the planets on which she was experimenting was Hanka, where she spent years performing genetic experiments on the population from a secret laboratory in a forest. She was even able to create several humans with telekinetic abilities by the use of a retrovirus. When Stargate Command first came through the Stargate she unleashed a deadly virus, killing nearly everyone on the planet, including one SG team. There was only one survivor of the plague, a human girl named Cassandra. Cassandra was later discovered by SG-1, who brought her back to Earth. There, she was soon found to contain the explosive elements of Nirrti's human bombs, and it was only due to the quick thinking of Carter that Stargate Command was not completely destroyed. Meanwhile, back on Hanka, Jack O'Neill and Teal'c were engaged by Nirrti's Ha'tak, but were able to flee through the Stargate in time.

SGC met Nirrti in person when she was one of the three Goa'uld System Lords who went to Earth to negotiate with the Asgard regarding the inclusion of Earth in the Protected Planets Treaty. During this meeting however, she used her cloaking device to attack Cronus and Teal'c, mortally wounding Cronus. Although she pretended to be unable to heal him with a Goa'uld healing device, her lies were discovered and she attempted to flee. She was quickly captured by the personnel of Stargate Command, despite her personal cloaking device, and was handed to Cronus as a prisoner.

After SG-1 killed Cronus, she was able to flee and continued with her experiments. When Cassandra began exhibiting signs of telekinesis, SG-1 went back to Hanka, where they found Nirrti's laboratory. As she was present in her laboratory, Nirrti followed the team back through the Stargate, and arrived at the SGC where she tried to come near Cassandra. When Cassandra sensed her presence, she alarmed the base and the Goa'uld was captured when she attacked O'Neill and Dr. Janet Fraiser. When she was ordered to heal Cassandra, Nirrti demanded to be let free along with a sample of Cassandra's blood. Although General Hammond at first refused, he later agreed, although he would not allow her to keep Cassandra's blood. After Nirrti healed the girl, she was allowed to leave the base, but told the SGC that she would continue with her experiments. She also mentioned, while she found their willingness to go along with the deal instead of merely killing her honorable, she doubted that she would have done the same herself.

Nirrti later came to a world, the name of which is unknown, where she found a device of the Ancients, the DNA Resequencer, which allowed her to read and alter a person's genetic code. With this device, she started to experiment upon the local population under the guise of helping them, and gave them various mental powers such as telepathy and telekinesis. However this led to them becoming badly mutated and deformed. After being warned of this, Stargate Command sent two Stargate teams through the Stargate on a mission to kill or capture her, but both were instead captured. She performed her genetic experiments on both Samantha Carter and Jonas Quinn. In the meantime, Colonel O'Neill convinced one of the aliens, Eggar, who has developed telepathic abilities, to read her mind, where he found out that she was only using them for her own ends. Another native, Wodan, who is telekinetic, subsequently strangled her using his power, and then killed her by breaking her neck, despite O'Neill's urging to keep her alive. Eggar, however, first read her mind to discover how to fix the damage she had done to them all.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

Nirrti was a System Lord who was interested in creating an advanced human, also known as a "hok'tar," to be used as a perfect host. For this purpose, she experimented on humans on several planets. She had a vast knowledge of genetics which she also used to create living bombs. One of these living bombs was sent to Apophis, where the person in question blew up, destroying everything in the surrounding area. She also developed a personal cloaking device, which worked by phase-shifting based on her studies of the Re'tu.


  • The character was based on the Hindu goddess Nirrti.


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