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No-Name of the Brood is a female comic extraterrestrial character who features in Marvel Comics.



No-Name was member of the Brood race who was among the finest warrior-primes on Broodworld alongside her sisters. They were dispatched to deal with intruders that had escaped in the catacombs beneath their homeworld where they were attacked by creatures more fearsome then their kind. It was in that moment that a great wave of energy was released by an ancient foe of the Brood with this soul seeking out and judging their kind by turning them into crystal. The Brood that became No-Name was alongside her sisters swallowed by a great beast that was exposed to this power and thus crystallised as Broodworld was destroyed with the carcass falling into space. Thus, the body became a makeshift spacecraft that was to transport the surviving sisters to a new world to make their nest. Eventually, it came to fall on the planet of Sakaar where they became enslaved by the native inhabitants who used them in gladiatorial matches. She along with her sisters were dispatched in one battle where they attacked when two teams were battling one another. The other Brood were killed leaving No-Name the only survivor who joined the ranks of the survivors that eventually became the Warbound. (Incredible Hulk v2 #94)

She eventually came to learn of sightings of other Brood in New York's, Chinatown where she travelled in the underground to track them. Once there, she discovered that a human named Zheng Bao Yu was responsible for creating genetically modified Brood born from an incubator as continuation of her fathers experiments. The Defenders arrived on the scene to stop these plans with No-Name joining them as she believed these creations to not be true Brood and had to be destroyed. Valkyrie came to sense that No-Name had within her the potential to become of the Valkyrior though she departed to continue to hunt down the genetic experiments and wipe out these Brood. (Fearless Defenders v1 #8)


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  • No-Name of the Brood was created by Greg Pak and Carlo Pagulayan where she made her first appearance in Incredible Hulk v2 #93 (May, 2006).


  • Incredible Hulk v2:
  • Fearless Defenders v1:

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