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The Nodos are a group of beings that feature in the anime Heroic Age.



The Nodos's origins were traced to an early age in the universe during the time of the Golden Tribe who were a precursor race that had sent out a call to numerous races to come forth into the cosmos. Among the races to do so were the Heroic Tribe that were gigantic monstrous beings of incredible power. However, the Tribe of Heroes were a destructive race who destroyed entire worlds as they succumbed to their instincts. It was only the power of the Golden Tribe that stopped their rampage which saw five of the Heroic Tribe imprisoned within host bodies. This was because the Golden Tribe believed the Heroic Tribe lacked hearts and that living within a humanoid being would instill within them such feelings. These hosts to the Tribe of Heroes essences were known as the Nodos with one of them given to the Silver Tribe. Before departing the universe, one last tribe answered the call of the Golden Tribe to come into the universe with this being the Iron Tribe. One of their Human vessels crash landed on the planet Olone with a single boy being the only survivor. This child called Age served as the final fifth Nodos who was given a special purpose as part of the Tribe of Gold's plans whereupon they departed the known universe for another one. In the aftermath, the Silver Tribe moved into the vacant spot left by the Golden Tribe as caretakers of space where they uncovered the other four Nodos who had been given contracts by the Golden Tribe that forced them to serve the Silver Tribe as part of specific labors. The Silver Tribe, however, would use the threat of destruction on the other Nodos homeworlds if they did not comply with their contracts as a means of ensuring their loyalty with ultimate control over their deployment being in the hands of Romo O.

Many years later, the Silver Tribe began a war of destruction against the Human race leading to the Argonaut being dispatched to the find the final Nodos. This expedition was launched by the Yunos family and headed by Princess Dhianeila Y Leisha Altria Ol Yunos where they managed to find the planet Olone with the Nodos Age living on that planet. As dictated by his Golden Tribe "father", he knew his purpose and aided the Humans when the Bronze Tribe attacked Olone. Age would accompany the Argonaut where he destroyed numerous threats to the ship which fled to the planet Titarros. Once there, the Silver Tribe decided to dispatch their own Nodos and Karkinos was sent to fight Age though he did attempt to recruit him. Their battle damaged portions of the planet and Karkinos was forced to depart the scene. Afterwards, both Karkinos and Mehetak were sent where the latter in his guise as Artemia destroyed a planet guarded by an Iron Tribe fleet. However, Mehetak failed in destroying the Argonaut and instead retrieved the wounded Karkinos before the departing the battle. The next battle came when Age was recruited by the brothers of the Yunos Royal Family to lead the charge to retake the Earth. During the intense battle, Age's Nodos form as Bellcross entered into a frenzy during the extended battle where he fought against Lernaea nearly defeating him. Bellcross's rampage nearly led to the destruction of the entire system and the obliteration of the Yunos flagship had Artemia not intervened leading to a depletion in Mehetak's energy. Princess Dhianeila later used her astral form to calm Bellcross and allowed the Nodos to return to his Human host form.

In the aftermath, the wounded Mehetak was taken in by the Iron Tribe and agreed to aid them where they pushed to attack the Silver Tribe. However, Mehetak refused to participate as an active combatant whilst Age continued to aid the Humans as Bellcross. Their push to Tauron was a success where they moved to assault Codomos itself. At this point, Yuty was unleashed who battled both Mehetak and Age in their Nodos forms whilst Karkinos provided some limited help. However, the seeming death of Karkinos led to Yuty's Nodos entering into a frenzy where she destroyed everything in her path and seemingly encompassed all the other Nodos in a singularity with Yuty the only survivor. She was taken by Romo O who was displeased with the peace initiative between Promo O and Princess Dhianeila. Thus, he intended to destroy the Argonaut and the Golden Tribe homeworld of Elysium in order to sabotage any lasting peace. Meanwhile, Age and the other Nodos actually survived in a sphere of suspended time created by Erymanthos where they witnessed Lernaea regenerated Karkinos's body. Once there, Age revealed the true nature of their Nodos as told by his Golden Tribe "father" where they used their power to free themselves. They materialized when Elysium had been discovered and attacked by Romo O who unleashed Kervius. The four Nodos thus fought against the frenzied Kervius where the true nature of the Nodos and their function was revealed. Where before it was thought that they served as engines of destruction, the power of the Nodos was actually meant to serve as a complex mechanism to work in conjunction with Elysium itself. Their combined efforts realised enough energy that it activated a device that calmed the rampaging Kervius and activated a portal that led to the other universe where the Golden Tribe had departed.

Thus, the Nodos's mission was to serve as the necessary energy to open the portal and allow the other Tribes to follow them. It was believed that Age as Bellcross served as the key to this lock and thus he seemingly departed first with his fate uncertain. The other Nodos similarly agreed to go through the doorway where they went alongside the Silver Tribe and members of the Bronze Tribe. This left the Iron Tribe to remain to govern the universe as they intended to fulfill their promise to Age to restore his homeworld of Olone to its original form.


The host of the essence of the Tribe of Heroes were provided with superhuman abilities such as enhanced agility and strength as well as the power to breath in space without any aid. In addition, they were equably able to survive the immense heat caused by atmospheric re-entry thus allowing a Nodos to easily move between worlds without a starship to carry them. Whilst in their normal forms, they were capable of summoning the essence of the Heroic Tribesmen within them and transformed into gigantic monstrous beings of incredible power. Each Nodos was extremely powerful with their abilities allowing them to annihilate entire fleets and destroy planets. In fact, a battle between two Heroic Tribesmen was enough to cause untold destruction to a world.

During violent engagements against another of their kind, a Nodos was capable of entering into a berserker state where they attacked and destroyed everything in their path. This was because they became consumed by their own instincts and did not discrimate in their targets, be they friend or foe. A Nodos in such a state was described as having entered into a "frenzy" where they were capable of destroying worlds. Only the Golden Tribe had the power to stop a rampant Nodos though another Nodos was capable of attempting to stop the battle. However, the frenzy state was contagious as a prolonged fight was capable of leading to the other Nodos entering into the berserker state.


  • Bellcross : bonded to the Human Age, he was described as being existence itself with no particular defining trait but considered amongst the strongest of the Nodos who was bequeathed to the Iron Tribe.
  • Lernaea : bonded to Karkinos Rucan, this Nodos was described as representing life itself with its powers being based on healing as well as resurrection. This Nodos was tasked to serve the members of the Silver Tribe as part of its contract.
  • Artemia : bonded to Mehitak Pore of the Pore people, Artemia was described as representing energy and had the ability to move at high speeds. This Nodos was tasked to serve the members of the Silver Tribe as part of its contract.
  • Erymanthos : bonded to Lekty Leque, she was described as representing time with the capacity of looking into events and considering alternate possibilities. Lecty was tasked with service to the Tribe of Silver as part of her contract.
  • Kervius : bonded to Yuty La of the Silver Tribe, she was described as being the opposite of Bellcross as representing nothingness with the ability to create powerful voids and considered perhaps stronger than Bellcross even.

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