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Non is a male comic supervillain that features in DC Comics.




In time, he took on a student named Jor-El with the two forming a friendship during their time together. They warned Krypton's Council of the dangers of Jax-Ur's interstellar experiments but they were ignored. Due to those experiments, Krypton's moon was destroyed and the city of Kandor was lost. During their research together, Non and Jor-El had discovered that Krypton was facing destruction. Their studies brought the attention of the Council who dispatched the military to apprehend him. General Zod and Lieutenant Ursa forcibly took the pair to the Council that forbid further research on their homeworld. Afterwards, Jor-El continued to find an alternative to save their planet whilst Non went publically to unveil his findings. Non's words drew in Zod and Ursa who both defected from the Council to him. In response, the Council sent their agents to secretly kidnap Non who went missing for two days where they performed lobotomy on him. Non was then discovered alone in the Scarlet Jungle with his great intellect gone as a result. Zod and Ursa were outraged as a result with them taking Non with them as they rebelled against the Council. Together, they murdered five members of the Council before all three were arrested. To save them from execution, Jor-El instead had them banished to the Phantom Zone. (Action Comics Annual v1 #10)

The New 52

Following the Flashpoint, a new version of history was created with a different series of events. Non was shown as being one of the inhabitants of the Phantom Zone. He was among the Zone's inhabitants that attacked Superman when Kal-El was displaced into that dimension by Xa-Du. (Action Comics v2 #13)


Personality and attributes

Pre-Flashpoint : On Krypton, he was known to had been very proud of his student Jor-El to the point that he deemed him to had surpassed the teacher. (Action Comics Annual v1 #10)

Powers and abilities


  • Non was created by Richard Donner who was an original character created for the Superman (1978) film.
  • The character was later adapted by Richard Donner and Geoff Johns who introduced him into the mainstream DC Universe in Action Comics v1 #845. (January, 2007).

In other media


  • In Supergirl, Non made an appearance as a villain in the live-action series where he was portrayed by actor Chris Vance. He was shown as being a Kryptonian Lieutenant who became the husband of General Astra In-Zee before they were imprisoned at Fort Rozz for their crimes. Non was released alongside the other criminals when Fort Rozz crashed on Earth where he followed the orders of Astra. He was shown to urge his wife to kill her niece Kara as she stood opposed to their plans but Astra instead wanted to convince Supergirl to join them. In "Blood Bonds", Non kidnapped Hank Henshaw and threatened to kill him unless General Astra was released from the D.E.O. This led to Acting Director Danvers with Supergirl bringing Astra to a site to exchange prisoners. However, Non brought his forces seeking to eliminate the D.E.O. but Astra called her forces off whereupon she departed without further conflict.


  • In Superman (1978), Non made his first appearance where he was an antagonist in the live-action film and was portrayed by actor Jack O'Halloran. He was a large mute Kryptonian who allied himself with General Zod and Ursa when they were arrested by the Kryptonian Science Council whereupon they were banished into the Phantom Zone. Like his comrades, he remained trapped in the Zone until the modern day after Krypton's destruction where he was freed above the planet Earth. Arriving on the Moon, the three discovered that they were empowered by the system's sun with superhuman abilities and later arrived on Earth to terrorize it. They sought to conquer the world and get their revenge on their jailer Jor-El by killing his son Superman.

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  • Action Comics v1:

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