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The Norns are a group that features in Marvel Comics.



The Norns were a trio of beings with ties to the realm of Asgard.

According to one account, the Fates seemingly derived their power from the Those Who Sit Above in Shadow. (Thor v2 #85) At some point, the being known as Kartag came to serve the Norns as Keeper of the Twilight Well. He performed this service in guarding it for two thousand centuries where he guarded it from intruders. Around a thousand years ago, he came to find a woman named Satrina who came to be his servant and lover as they both protected the Well though only the Keeper knew of his service to the Norns. (Thor v1 #197)

On one occasion, the Norns witnessed the events that saw the birth of Thor. (Thor Annual v1 #11)

During the War of the Realms, the Dark Elf Malekith the Accursed sought to kill the Norns so that fate itself would die and therefore he along with his allies would be free to forge their own destiny. Thus, Karnilla called upon the Odinson to aid in the protection of the Norns who had already fought back several assassination attempts by Ulik and his Trolls. They were then attacked by a large force including Frost Giants, Dark Elves and Fire Demons where despite the efforts of the guards and Thor they were overwhelmed. Queen Karnilla had the three Norns taken away to safety by the guards whilst she fought the intruders. At that moment, their foes severed part of the root above the keep causing it to crash down thus fatally wounding her. As a result, the dark cabal had succeeded in eliminating the Norns allowing them to chart their own fate in the future. (Mighty Thor v1 #700)


The Norns were tied deeply to the strands of fate with them weaving the destiny of people in the cosmos. (Mighty Thor v1 #700) It was said that their number were far older than even the Asgardians. (Thor v1 #347)

From the Asgardian gods, they weaved a tapestry that recorded all of time with the higher up one goes leading to one going farther back in history. It was revealed though that there was a single line of thread that lead back into the loom thus connecting back to the beginning. This showed the cyclical nature of destruction of Asgard with the events repeating themselves through history. (Thor v2 #85)

They were based beneath Asgard where they guarded the sacred Well of Wyrd that served as the spring of destiny. (Thor Annual v1 #11) This place resided at the the roots of the World Tree which was the location of their home known as the Nornkeep. The location allowed them to use the golden sap of the World Tree Yggdrassil allowing them to conjure visions of the past. (Mighty Thor v1 #700) The land around the might world ash Yggdrassil held a lush green valley. (Thor v1 #347)


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  • The Norn were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby where they made their first appearance in Journey into Mystery v1 #102 (March, 1964).
  • They were based off the Norns from Norse mythology.
  • In Journey into Mystery v1 #102 (March, 1964), their first appearance saw them not referred to as the Norns but as the Fates.


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