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Nyx vs. Hulk in Avengers: No Road Home v1 #8.

Nox is a female comic supervillain who features in Marvel Comics.



Nyx was a female goddess who was connected to the pantheon of Olympus. She predated the Olympians where she was all alone in the darkness until the emergence of Zeus. (Avengers: No Road Home v1 #4) During this time, she was said to had taught him the unknown and the unknowable. (Avengers: No Road Home v1 #2) He crafted a kingdom from the darkness populated by his race of gods though Nyx dreamed of the eternal slumber of darkness. From this time, she came to birth her first child from her own thoughts with this being Hypnos. As the god of sleep, he attempted to find a place among the Olympians and even trained under Ares but like his mother the pair could not find acceptance among their kin. In the following centuries, the Olympians began to grow in power and attained more followers that the ushered into their bright halls. This resulted in resentment from Nyx and she came to be rejected by the Olympians who long feared her. This sense of betrayal gave birth to her next children that were the twins Apate and Dolos. They represented the frustration of their mother with them often playing their tricks on the people of Olympus. In time, this state of affairs resulted in war erupting in the home of the gods as Nyx along with her children targeted the Olympian pantheon. Their actions united their normally squabbling foes and they worked together to defeat Nyx. Zeus punished her by sealing her power within the three Night Shards that represented different aspects of the eternal night. With her soul divided, she was greatly weakened and Zeus consigned her to the prison of eternal darkness to be forgotten with it said that she was to remain there so long as the sun shined in the sky. Within her prison, she only had her children and she howled in despair with this changing into misery that gave birth in her final child Oizys. Whilst trapped there, she vowed to get revenge against the Olympians as she promised to restore her power in order to bring about a return to eternal darkness to the universe. (Avengers: No Road Home v1 #4)

She remained trapped for many years until the Contest of Champions between the Grandmaster and the Challenger which saw Earth being removed from its Sun. This act thus freed her from her prison and she along with her children appeared at Olympus where they massacred the Olympian pantheon. Nyx intended to reclaim her lost power in the Night Shards and sought to recover them whereupon she intended to cleanse the universe to begin anew according to her design. She then took the throne of Olympus for herself as she gathered her might for the Avengers of the Wronged that Zeus claimed his son would gather to avenge their deaths. Her actions were witnessed remotely from the Far Shore by Voyager who sought to gather heroes to oppose Nyx. (Avengers: No Road Home v1 #2)


Personality and attributes

She was known by her title of Mother of Night with it said that no one should mention her name otherwise she would appear before the speaker. (Avengers: No Road Home v1 #2)

Powers and abilities

As a god, she was the embodiment of darkness which meant that she could never be truly held. Her black coated hands contained incredibly sharp claws able to cut through most foes with ease. (Avengers: No Road Home v1 #2)

Long ago, her soul was broken into shards and scattered across the universe which meant that she was in her weakest state. However, even at this power, she was able to effortlessly defeat the Olympian gods with her children along with overpowering the Avengers. (Avengers: No Road Home v1 #2)

She was noted for having a number of children that aided her which included:

  • Hypnos : a masked humanoid who could cause others to fall into a deep sleep allowing him to murder them with his dagger. (Avengers: No Road Home v1 #2)
  • Oizys : a four legged amphibian-looking creature who she said was her most favoured offspring whose power was despair and causing those she touches to be paralysed with guilt and self-doubt. (Avengers: No Road Home v1 #2)
  • Apate : a young short haired wiry woman, twin to Dolos that never smiled who represented deceit and saw hate in everyone where she threw thin deadly daggers that when embedded in a person sent them in a furious anger which she could direct at a target of her choice. (Avengers: No Road Home v1 #2)
  • Dolos : a young wiry short-haired man, twin to Apate that had a wicked smile who represented trickery and used a blue sand-like substance that he could blow to make a cloud that was hard to see through but if it hit the eyes of a person their senses were affected making them unable to tell illusion from reality. (Avengers: No Road Home v1 #2)


  • Nyx was created by Al Ewing, Jim Zub, Mark Waid, and Joshua James Shaw where she made her first appearance in Avengers: No Road Home v1 #1 (April, 2019).
  • The character was based on the Nox from Greek and Roman Myth.
  • According to writer Jim Zub on Twitter, the characters of Nyx and Nox were two separate beings with the former being the actual Olympian deity whilst the other had no ties to Olympus.


  • Avengers: No Way Home v1: (2019)

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