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Voyager is a female cosmic being who features in Marvel Comics.



Voyager in Avengers v1 #675.

Va Nee Gast was a female cosmic being who was the daughter of the Grandmaster who in turn was one of the Elders of the Universe. (Avengers v1 #689) Together, she and her father had travelled the cosmos where the engaged in various 'games' such as winning entire planets or saving planets from Galactus and even betting on supernovas causing extinction. The Grandmaster claimed that such games were to be won fairly though secretly he had his daughter arrange events to ensure that he was always the victor. (Avengers v1 #684) At one point, her father took her to the planet Xerces which was a world so close to its sun that it experienced perpetual earthquakes. (Avengers v1 #685)

As part of her cover, she sought a backstory for herself and decided to tie her human identity to that of Professor Arthur Vector. (Avengers v1 #684)

From the Far Shore, she stood guard over the Challenger and observed the rest of the universe when the pair felt a brief sense of agony. They came to sense the power of Nyx who was freed from her prison when Earth's Sun was removed from the world during the Grandmaster's Contest of Champions. Upon her freedom, she journeyed to Olympus where she was responsible for slaying Zeus and the pantheon of the Olympians. The Mother of Night intended to reclaim her lost power that was scattered across the universe long ago and she intended to purge existence where she sought to recreate it according to hew vision. Seeing herself as partly responsible, Voyager was forced to leave the Challenger unguarded as she went forth to gather a type of heroes to stop this threat. (Avengers: No Road Home v1 #2) Thus, Gast went about recruiting a team of Avengers on Earth to help battle this new threat. She was the one to inform Hercules of the death of his kinsmen in Olympus with her teleporting there to show him the devastation. (Avengers: No Road Home v1 #1)


Personality and attributes

For a long time, she served as her fathers agent in ensuring his victories. (Avengers v1 #684) In time, she came to resent her status as his 'ace in the hole' and wanted to embark on her own plans. (Avengers v1 #685) Her motivations changed though upon seeing the Avengers and witnessing acts of heroism. This led to her betraying her father and going against his schemes. (Avengers v1 #686)

Powers and abilities

It was noted that her power of teleportation was gifted to her by her father. This power allowed her to move through space but there was an added effect that she could embed herself into the memories of others. (Avengers v1 #684)


  • Voyager was created by Mark Waid, Al Ewing, Jim Zub, and Michael Allred where a statue of her appeared in Marvel Legacy v1 #1 (November, 2017) whilst she made her first full appearance in Avengers v1 #675 (March, 2018).

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  • Marvel Legacy v1: (2018)
  • Avengers v1: (2018)
  • Avengers: No Surrender v1: (2018)
  • Avengers: No Road Home v1: (2019)

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