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Hercules attacked by his father Zeus from Herc v1 #9.

Zeus is a deity that features in Marvel Comics.



Zeus in Thor v1 #129.

Zeus was the fierce, red-bearded leader of the gods of Olympus. His frustrations with the actions of his son Hercules have led to several banishments and punishments over time.

Long ago, it was noted that he had consulted the Mother of Night Nyx in order to learn about the unknown and the unknowable. After gaining the knowledge he needed, he then stripped her of pieces of her own soul that became the Night Shards before banishing Nyx to another realm to remain there for as long as the Sun remained in the sky. He then proceeded with scattering the Night Shards across the universe to prevent Nyx from ever returning to her full power. (Avengers: No Road Home v1 #2)

During the battle, he led in the defence against the enemy hordes where he found his grandson Alexander. He looked towards saving him and reunited the boy with his father Ares. However, his grandson had become an agent of Amatsu-Mikaboshi and had wounded Zeus on behalf of his master. His wounded body was recovered by Hercules and Ares that brought him back to Olympus to be treated for his injuries though the healers struggled to heal him. (Ares v1 #4)

He later took the form of a Korean celebrity named Storm in Seoul at South Korea where he bedded numerous mortal women. (Herc v1 #6.1)

During the Contest of Champions, the cosmic game fought between the Grandmaster and the Challenger saw the Sun removed from Earth's sky. As a result, Nyx was freed from her imprisonment where she and her children attacked Olympus. Upon arriving, they effortlessly massacred the Olympians whereupon Nyx sought to find the location of the shattered fragments of her soul. After forcing Zeus to reveal this information, she snapped his neck thus killing the god whilst she claimed his throne. (Avengers: No Road Home v1 #2)


Personality and attributes

As Zeus was never mortal, it was said that he did not think or feel like humans. Though he was a god, he was not above killing those that opposed him. (Incredible Hulks v1 #621)

Powers and abilities


  • Zeus was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby where he made his first appearance in Venus v1 #5 (June, 1949).
  • The character was based off and adapted from Zeus of Greek mythology.
  • Conan the Barbarian I#79-81 would indicate that Zeus was not worshipped in the Hyborian Age, since Conan did not recognize his name when descedants of time-travellers mentioned him.
  • Neptune was worshipped, per Namor I#38, as early as 5800 BCE.

In other media

Zeus from The Mighty Thor.


  • In The Marvel Super Hero Hour, the character made an appearance in The Mighty Thor segment where it followed the comic storyline. He was portrayed as the father of Hercules and lord of Olympus whose brother Pluto was forced to rule over the netherworld. Through trickery, Pluto had Hercules sign the Olympian Contract that transferred the duty of custodianship of the netherworld to the Prince of Power whereupon he appeared in Olympus to force the terms of the agreement. A saddened Zeus despite the love he had for his son was forced to enforce it and was ready to send Hercules to the netherworld despite his pleas. He did state that Hercules could challenge this decision but would need a champion to fight for him to which the Asgardian Thor agreed to do so as he hated trickery. Ultimately, Thor proved to be successful whereby Pluto relented to returning to rule the netherworld leaving Hercules the Prince of Power free.


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