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NygmaTech is a company that features in the movie Batman Forever.



NygmaTech was a business that was formed by Edward Nygma after he departed his employment with WayneTech. This came as a result of testing of the Box technology that warped his mind and led him to create a supervillain identity called the Riddler. As a result, he began embarking on a crime spree by teaming up with Two Face. Together, the allied pair began stealing enough money in order to fund the company building that was known as NygmaTech. In exchange for Harvey Dent's aid, Nygma offered to reveal the true identity of the Batman. After millions of dollars were stolen, NygmaTech built their headquarters on Claw Island whereupon full production of the Box was made as part of a large scheme by the Riddler. The growing stock of the company began outsell Wayne Enterprises as a result with Edward Nygma beginning his end goal in defeating Bruce Wayne. However, the fate of the corporation was not known following the defeat of the Riddler who was driven insane and incarcerated at Arkham Asylum.


  • The corporation in an early draft was known as HeckTech when the Riddler was originally named Lyle Heckendorf before he was renamed as Edward Nygma.


  • Edward Nygma : male employee who was the founder of the company following him leaving WayneTech and establishing his identity as the supervillain known as the Riddler.



  • Batman Forever:

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