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The OCP Powersuit.

The Powersuit is a piece of equipment that featured in Robocop: The Animated Series.


After the initial design was completed by Dr. McNamara, the scientist required an operator to pilot the suit for a demonstration. Upon witnessing Lieutenant Hedgecock's anger at RoboCop, McNamara decided to recruit the police officer for the task in defeating the police cyborg which he agreed. With a test trial completed, McNamara contacted the CEO of Omni Consumer Products and asked for a demonstration of his latest crime prevention invention. As part of the demonstration, RoboCop was required to participate in a competition against the Exosuit equipped Hedgecock in a junkyard. The winner would become OCP's latest crime prevention machine.

Despite a lengthy battle, the Exosuit proved to be superior in most fields compared to the cyborg. However, fortunes reversed for Hedgecock when he accidently injured Ann Lewis. Upon seeing his partner wounded, Robocop went into a rage and viciously attacked the exosuit, ripping it apart and taking Hedgecock out. This act resulted in the destruction of the prototype and McNamara's attempt at replacing the cybernetic police officer. (Episode: The Man in the Iron Suit)


The exosuit was a large grey coloured piece of battle armour that was nearly twice the size of a human and was the invention of Dr. McNamara. Rather then being a machine, it was actually a suit of armour that required a living human pilot to operate it. A user entered into the machine and controlled it from within, a helmet protected the head with a yellow visor allowing the operator to look across his environment. It was noted that it felt like a ton of bricks.

The weapon systems of the suit were present on the top of the arms of the exosuit. These consisted of three blasters which were accurate and capable of destroying targets that the user designates. Weapon controls were done so through a joystick at the wrist of the suit where a button activated the firing mechanisms. In addition to the blasters, the suit was capable offiring a long cable capable of attaching to another object. This allowed the user to drag flying objects or individuals as a distance to close range.

At the back were two thrusters serving as part of a jetpack giving the suit the capacity to fly over its environment. This allowed it to travel to destinations or fly out of traps such as holes the powersuit had fallen into.

The strength of the exosuit was high allowing for an operator to fight against cybernetically enhanced opponents or robots with near ease. This allowed the operator to crush a car with their feet alone. The armoured nature of the body meant it was capable of resisting weapon strikes from powerful pistols. In addition, the suit was able to survive cars and street lights being slammed into it.


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