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Oblivion is a cosmic being that features in Marvel Comics.



Oblivion was an abstract being that embodied non-existence and claimed to had predated the Multiverse. (Iceman v1 #3) He stood as an abstract being that stood among the four that made up the universe with his compatriots including Eternity, Infinity, and Death. (Quasar v1 #25)

In an effort to get Moondragon back, Drax and Phylla-Vell were 'killed' by Mentor which sent the pair into the realm of Oblivion. Once there, they faced Maelstrom who awakened the Dragon of the Moon which they battled with Wendell Vaughn returning to life to aid them. Phylla was swallowed by the Dragon only to be transformed into the new 'Avatar of Death' in exchange for freeing Moondragon with this being part of Oblivion's plan in the coming war. (Guardians of the Galaxy v2 #12)


Personality and attributes

In appearance, Oblivion resembled a cloaked robed figure whose body was covered in darkness. According to him, his true form was beyond this as he transcended corporeal understanding. (Iceman v1 #3) He was also known as the Void, the End of Creation, and as The Nothing Which Watched the Birth of Everything. (Great Lakes Avengers v2 #3)

Oblivion stated that he predated the Multiverse and claimed he would exist when it ended. (Iceman v1 #3)

He was noted for having a tense rivalry with his sister Infinity. (Quasar v1 #25)

In the course of his existence, he desired companionship within his realm and had created numerous servants for this role. However, Oblivion still sought a special soul to whom he would have a personal connection beyond those of his servants. Thus, he forged 'Mirage who was his daughter made from the deepest pits of his infinite being. This fragment was a reflection of him but turned to be strong willed, independent and thus hard to control. (Iceman v1 #3)

Powers and abilities

It was noted that Oblivion was a conceptual and abstract being. (Quasar v1 #25) He was the One who embodied the concept of non-existence. (Iceman v1 #3)

He was noted as being the complete master of his realm and being the father of it. Within it, he created numerous servants and beings that served him. He himself could not enter the timestream and the world of form without triggering a cosmic catastrophe. (Iceman v1 #3)


  • Oblivion was created by J.M. DeMatteis and Alan Kupperberg where he made his first appearance in Iceman v1 #2 (February, 1985).


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