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King Obric was the king of the Atani. He initially did not believe that Ren was the son of Primus, thinking him merely a pirate. But when Ren showed him the First Treasure of Rule, Obric took the boy at his word and offered to help him and his crew on their way.

When Ioz and Tula stole from him (gold dinnerware and scrolls, respectively), an enraged Obric thought Ren was using his father's name to trick him, and ordered his fleet after the Wraith. When they managed to catch up to the Wraith, Ren, much to Obric's surprise, surrendered and offered to take the blame for his crew's transgressions.

Obric was then taken hostage by Konk and the Lugg Brothers, who demanded the First Treasure of Rule and the compass from Ren. Ren but a stop to this by hitting Konk with one of the gold plates Ioz had stolen, allowing Obric to jump overboard to safety. As thanks for saving his life, Obric allowed Ren and his companions to go free.

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