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The Octessence are a group that features in Marvel Comics.



The Octessence was a group of powerful mystical beings that had gathered millennia ago with these eight including Farallah, Cyttorak, Balthakk, Ikonn, Raggadorr, Watoomb, Valtorr and Krakkan. A disagreement erupted among them on which of them was the strongest. To settle the matter, they entered into the Wager of the Octessence where each created a totem that contained a fraction of their power. These would transform the fist human that touched them into a living embodiment of that beings power and becoming one of the Exemplars. Each of mystical entities then had their agents build temples around the world that held the totem. (Iron Man v3 #22)

In his attempt to restore his Green Goblin identity, Norman Osborn journeyed through perilous conditions in the mountains of Asia to find the Temple With No Name where he took part in the trials starting with the Emerald Oracle of Ikonn. The gem revealed that Osborn had magical potential with the monks fast tracking his training in the mystical arts. However, the vision bestowed that Norman went mad with power and turned against everyone with the order of monks banning him from their temple with them ensuring that the other mystical sites being informed not to take in Norman Osborn. (Amazing Spider-Man v4 #32)


In appearance, the Octessence were a gathering of eight great mystical entities. (Iron Man v3 #22)

One spell that called upon their power was the Omniptence of the Octessence. (Superior Spider-Man v2 #5)


  • Balthakk :
  • Cyttorak :
  • Farallah :
  • Ikonn :
  • Krakkan :
  • Raggadorr :
  • Valtorr :
  • Watoomb :


  • The Octessence were created by Kurt Busiek where they made their first appearance in Iron Man v3 #22 (November, 1999).
  • In the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Mystic Arcana: The Book of Marvel Magic v1 #1 (2007), the Octessence received an entry in the guidebook where they were described as not being god or demons but were referred to as Principalities who first gathered a millennium ago. It was noted that they possessed a malevolent nature but their powers were invoked by Earth’s mystics.

In other media

Video games

  • In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, the Octessence were referenced in the setting of the Facebook video game.
  • In Marvel Heroes, the Octessence was referenced in the brief information on certain items available in the video game. Balthakk was mentioned as a member of the fabled Octessence in the description for the Embers of Balthakk with his name being used in the casting of powerful spells.


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