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Odiare is an island of terror domain in Ravenloft. Odiare was originally located in Gothic Italy, but was pulled into the Realm of Dread in 738 BC when the animated puppet Figlio- renaming himself Maligno- had his carrionette legions killed or possessed all the adults in the town. The adults were freed by a band of adventurers, who destroyed Maligno. However, he was rebuilt by his "father" Giuseppe, and used a second army of carrionettes to slaughter all the adults in the city. Now, Odiare is a city of children becoming adults, terrorized by the lurking carrionettes of the domain's darklord.


The exact Earth year from which Odiare was drawn is unknown, but it is around the year 1612 (judging from Mystara's year 1012 AC being around the year 1600). If that year were solidified, it would provide an exact chronological bridge between the Dungeons and Dragons universe and "our" universe.

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