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Olympia is a city that features in Marvel Comics.



Olympia was a secret city established on Earth that was home to the race of immortals known as the Eternals. (Eternals v1 #5)

When Julius Caesar burnt down the Library of Alexandria, the Eternals moved to relocate much of the texts within it to Olympia. (Fall of the Hulks: Alpha v1 #1)

Makkari came to witness the kidnapping of Sersi and Margo Damian whereupon he rushed to Olympia in order to warn Zuras that the Deviants after millennia had become active once again. (Eternals v1 #5)

In the modern age, the Intelligencia covertly broke into Olympia in order to pillage it of its preserved texts. They left behind replica's behind in order to ensure the Eternal's did not realize the theft. (Fall of the Hulks: Alpha v1 #1)

Zuras later called on the Eternals to gather at Olympia as they sought to determine their role in the world with the rise of super-powered beings. (Hulk v2 #49)


In appearance, Olympia was an isolated city where the Eternals could spend their time developing their powers. (Eternals v1 #5)

Locations in the city included:

  • Temple of Command : building where an administrator dealt with the general affairs across the city. (Eternals v1 #5)


  • Zuras :
  • Ikaris :
  • Domo :


  • Olympia was created by Jack Kirby where it made its first appearance in Eternals v1 #5 (November, 1976).


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  • Fall of the Hulks: Alpha v1 #1:
  • Hulk v2:

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