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The Omega Man.

The Omega Man is a who that features in DC Comics.



The Omega Man was a powerful being who was actually traced to the actions of Alexander Luthor, Jr. when he went about his plans to restore the Multiverse. Part of his plans was installing a matter energy bomb on the Crime Syndicate of AmeriKa's alternate Earth with the intention of destroying it. Once it exploded, it sent a wave of dark energy that threatened to infect and kill everyone on that planet. However, the Syndicate managed to channel that energy in an attempt to send it to another world thus killing an alternate Earth. But this did not halt the spread of the dark energy which began killing and consuming the lives of millions of beings that became part of energy essence. In an effort to reverse this problem, the Syndicate travelled to New Earth where they intended to use technology pilfered from the New Gods combined with their own as well as the genius of Doctor Impossible to resurrect Alexander Luthor. Whilst hiding on New Earth, Dr. Impossible created the Resurrection Machine that was capable of bringing back the dead. The arrival of a Green Lantern from an alternate Earth that the Syndicate killed with dark energy threatened their plans so Owlman along with Ultraman and Superwoman led an assault against the Justice League of America. During the confusion, Owlman stole Alexander Luthors body and placed it within the Resurrection Machine. At that point, however, Dr. Impossible betrayed Owlman and sent his minion into the Resurrection Machine in order to restore Darkseid himself using Hunter as a host. For reasons unknown, the dark energy coalesced into a single entity that became sentient and was known as the Omega Man. As Dr. Impossible's followers believed their lord had returned, they were shocked to see the demonic visage of the Omega Man who killed them whilst stating that he was not even close to Darkseid. (Justice League of America v2 #50) He quickly introduced himself and stated that he was the end with a confused Dr. Impossible asking Hunter what he was doing as he had killed Mercy and Neon. Omega Man was quick to reveal that he knew everything that the souls he had claimed knew and attempted to kill Dr. Impossible but the villain fled from the scene. (Justice League of America v2 #51)

The embodiment of Decay.

Afterwards, he battled Jade and attempted to spread his essence across the world but she used her own abilities to create a powerful protective dome to stop Omega Man from escaping. During the battle, he attacked Supergirl and claimed that he had a use for her where he forced her to fight him. As they fought, he said he could see the dark, bile and evil within her which he intended to unleash. By the end, Supergirl costume turned dark and her dark persona was seemingly released as dark Supergirl. (Justice League of America v2 #51) Following this incident, Omega Man flew across the evacuvated city whilst he attempted to come to terms of his own identity. It was then that Donna Troy and Jade attacked him where he commented on how he was impressed with Jade's ability to contain his power. He then demanded to know where the people were as he intended to devour their souls. During Troy's battle with him, Omega Man severely wounded the Amazon and demanded once more from Jade to know where the people were so he could feed his hunger. When they demanded what he would do, he simply declared "patience" and departed the scene whilst he visited the Smithsonian in order to collect his thoughts once more as well as identify who he actually was.

When he determined his next course of action, Omega Man decided to gain his freedom from the protective dome of energy that Jade had created. This led him to ambush the Crime Syndicate and the Justice League as they were assembling a truce. He struck as Power Ring was trying to get Jade to return his mystical energies. When Power Ring said he was going to join them to fight the Omega Man, the cosmic being struck by impaling Power Ring on his staff and stating that he would join him. When Johnny Quick attacked, the Omega Man knocked the villain out with a powerful energy blast. Jade quickly used her powers against the villainous being but was quickly overpowered. At that point, Ultraman and Kara Zor-El appeared; both seemingly had allied themselves with the Omega Man. With his two new allies, the Omega Man made an ultimatum to the Crime Syndicate and Justice League - his freedom from the protective dome in exchange for their lives. Afterwards, Batman knelt before the Omega Man and said he would serve him whereupon he worked on the Resurrection Machine in order to bring down the protective dome. Whilst the Omega Man drifted into his memories; Donna Troy battled Superwoman with both being knocked out by the dark Supergirl. When this was happening, Owlman agreed to take part in the alliance with the Justice League so that the Omega Man could be defeated by Earth's superheroes whereupon his energies would be use to repair the damage done by the spreading dark energy. After the device was complete, Owlman betrayed the League and decided that Ultramans decision was right; their world was dead now and they decided to back the Omega Man in conquering New Earth. With the time right, the Omega Man was ready to conquer the Multiverse when he commanded Owlman to activate the device. However, it was a trick made by Batman and his League as they rigged the device to sent the villains into a portal through the Multiverse. They also had the alternate Green Lantern use her powers to resurrect Alexander Luthor for one final act of redemption. He rigged the device for a slingshot effect to various Earth's where the Omega Man's dark energy would be used in reverse and curing the planets from its infection as well as healing them.


Personality and attributes

At the Smithsonian.

The appearance of this cosmic being was a demonic creature with a horned helmet visage and sharp teeth along with glowing eyes. His body seemed to cascade with fiery energy with a type of dark armor over his form with a cape at the back. He was typically seen holding a staff with the symbol omega at the end that could be used as a stabbing weapon. Furthermore, he had the power to fly by forming fiery red discs which allowed him to move about the environment. He showed a ruthless personality as he massacred those that stood against him and stated that he was the end of all things. This entity exclaimed that the souls of its foes were like a feast for him. Omega Man even stated that he was the voice of a million souls; calling himself Ghede, Hel, Morrigan and Mose. He also declared that he was the very embodiment of decay itself and demanded that his foes fear him. Omega Man stated that he had a singular goal which was the desire to feed and cared little about whether his enemies lived or died so long as there were people to satiate his hunger. (Justice League of America v2 #51) He showed a level of planning and patience as he turned away from a battle with Jade and Troy when he wanted to conserve his energies whilst knowing his foes were equally trapped within the dome as he was.

In reality, the Omega Man was a twisted amalgamation of thousands of souls and the dark energy that was unleashed on the Crime Syndicate's Earth by Alexander Luthor. After being combined, the Omega Man was given form where he simply hungered for more lives and souls to consume. Thus, he stated that the soul of Hunter as well as the souls of every being killed on alternate Earth's by the dark energy was within him. However, at the same time, he appeared to be quite confused on his identity as if his persona was waging a struggle to identify himself from the many souls that resided within his form. This ranged from his host body of Hunter to various humans claimed by the dark energy such as the three hundred million citizens of China from the Crime Syndicates Earth. When questioned who he was, he often stated in the end that he was the Omega Man and determined that he was more than the energy form that he was originally as he was now a living being. He was overwhelmed with the memories of the dark energy that encompassed hie being and encompassing so many people that at times his mind drifted into those thoughts as he attempted to sort through them. Every being he killed also were seemingly found a haven within his body.

In terms of desire, he questioned what he wanted and stated that he hungered for more souls to devour. Hunter proved to be an aspect of the Omega Man's power as his mind stated that his host body would never stop fighting and would want freedom. When facing Jade, he proved to be impressed with her power which he stated was similar to his own but showed disappointment that this was the best being brought against him. He also showed a special fascination for Jade as he stated that she would be his as her power excited him. During their first encounter, he stated that she was beautiful and that it was nice to meet someone with powers just like his own. To Supergirl, he commented that he would have a use for her and stated whilst she appeared pure - her comrades were unable to see the evil within her.

Despite his ruthless nature, he also showed some element of honoring any pacts he made as he stated that in exchange for his freedom from an energy dome - he would let those that served him live whilst he ruled the world and devoured the planets of the universe whilst killing all who opposed him.

Powers and abilities

He was able to direct energy blasts from his hands that were able to kill superpowered beings easily and seemingly stole their souls that were incorporated within his own body. Omega Man was also able to channel this power through his staff and he stated that his body would attune itself to its new surroundings. His great energy was capable of being sent forth to infect the entire world though powerful energies such as those of Jade were able to create a protective dome that kept his imprisoned within its radius. His power was so great that he stated that it was the combined energy of a thousand dying worlds. (Justice League of America v2 #51) He demonstrated a great degree of super strength as even Donna Troy's attacks did not seem to hurt him. This was when she was not holding back her strength and her hits did not seem to register with him. When Omega Man struck back with his staff, the pain caused was unbearable to the Amazonian who felt that it was so powerful and hurt so badly that she felt as if she was an ordinary human rather than a superhero.

The fiery power seemingly had a corruptive effective and drained the life energy of anything object around him as well as provoked more evil aspects within an individuals persona. He showed the capacity to goad his enemies to fight him so that his energy would begin to bring out the dark soul within a person. His fiery energy form turned even inanimate objects such as fascimiles within a muesuem as well as metallic pipes to dust. Omega Man's power was so great that even a Starheart empowered Jade seemed to be unable to stop him - her ability seemed to shake him but not faze him. Ultraman believed that the Omega Man had the ability to destroy Earth's and thus allied himself with the villain in order to rule New Earth.


  • The Omega Man was created by James Robinson and Mark Bagley where he made his first appearance in Justice League of America v2 #50 (December, 2010).


  • Justice League of America v2: (2010)

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