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Omnics are robots that feature in Overwatch.



Omnics were a type of robot that was created by humanity and designed by various companies such as the Omnica Corporation to serve the economy. Production by the Omnium factories was eventually shut down after investigations had discovered evidence of corporate fraud.

Thirty years ago, the abandoned Omnium factories went rogue and began to mass produce militarised robots that began attacking humans in an event known as the Omnic Crisis.

A generation after the conflict, there were still tensions between humans and Omnics with relations being a big topic in society. This led to some debating whether Omnics should possess rights and if they had the right to vote. Around 20 years after the war, an initiative was held to improving relations with the first real step being the creation of new homes for the Omnics in London. During the ceremony at King's Road, the event was disrupted by a surprise attack from Omnic extremists from Null Sector that killed hundreds. The machines attempted to hunt down the survivors with Overwatch being deployed to save lives and maintain the peace.


In appearance, the form of an Omnic was wide and variety with this being determined by the model or design of the machine. All Omnics including base-line humanoid models were said to be better, stronger, faster and smarter than humans. Certain Omnics had a unique form of energy called 'omnic energy' that had destructive and restorative properties.

There were various models of Omnics that included the:

  • OR14 : a security robot that was subverted by the God Program's and used as a frontline combat unit in the Omnic Crisis.
  • OR15 :
  • Bastion Siege Automaton E54 : created by SST Laboratories that were developed for peacekeeping purposes.

Omnic society grew to form many groups and factions. One was the Shambali who had experienced a spiritual awakening leading to them abandoning their pre-programmed lives and believed that they possessed something akin to a soul making them more than artificial intelligences. Thus, they formed a religious community consisting of peaceful monks who sought to heal the wounds of the Omnic Crisis in order to bring together humans and robots into societal harmony. An extremist group of terrorist Omnic's formed the Null Sector that used violent methods in order to achieve equal rights for their kind.

Their civilization had their own written language known as Omnicode that could not be directly translated to English and was an animated language designed so that un-augmented humans were incapable of reading it.


  • Orisa :
  • Bastion :
  • Tekhartha Zenyatta :
  • HAL-Fred Glitchbot :
  • Leonora Botruvio :
  • Lynx Seventeen :
  • Maximilien : a wealthy Omnic that ran casinos in Monaco where he was a member of Talon's ruling council.
  • Okoro :
  • Tekhartha Mondatta :
  • Thespion 2.0 :
  • Thespion 4.0 :
  • B.O.B. :


  • Omnics were created by Blizzard Entertainment and featured in the setting of Overwatch.


  • Overwatch:

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