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Optilux, alias Voran Glynn, was a scientist from the planet Sarto who transformed himself into a being of pure light, only given a solid image by a surrounding series of reflective mirrors. Optilux decided that the entire universe should "ascend" as he had, and began using his photoplasmic converter to do just that. His first victim was the entire planet of Amalynth.

Optilux was a frequent enemy of Supreme, and laid low for many years while his enemy was exiled. Over the years, he transformed himself into a powerful form of spiritual light and plotted to absorb many heroes whose souls were captured by Hulver Damik. He was stopped by a returned Supreme and the re-constituted Allies, and contained within a reflective polyhedron of glass. Optilux was later freed by the escaped prisoners of the Hell of Mirrors, only to be sent to Amalynth by Suprema with his own photoplasmic converter.

After centuries of imprisonment, Optilux escaped and took on the identity of Pilot X-U, attempting to infiltrate the League of Infinity in the hopes of gaining revenge on Supreme. His plan was foiled by the League's new recruits, and he was seemingly dispersed by a blast of positive orgonne radiation.


Optilux was based on the classic Superman foe Brainiac, although the resemblance is very slight.

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