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Ostermark is a place that features in Warhammer Fantasy.



Thus, it formed the League of Ostermark and was also known as the Mark.


It borders Sylvania (part of the province of Stirland) to the south, Ostland to the west, the land of Kislev to the north and the World's Edge Mountains to the east. The capital of Ostermark is Bechafen which lies in the northern part. The ruined former capital Mordheim is in Southern Ostermark. It was destroyed by a warpstone comet, but a crusade of Empire Knights was led that razed it to the ground.

Ostermark is a mostly rural state, since, unlike its neighbours, its soil is fertile and ideal for agriculture. The low-tech level of the major industries of Ostermark often leads to its people being mocked in other states as simpletons. This is an unfair reputation however, as the people of the Mark are as stout and capable of those of any other province - if not more so, for Ostermark regularly sends troops to assist Kislev in its battles against northern barbarians. As a result its forces are perhaps more hardened to war against the Chaos barbarians than any others in the Empire. The state colours of Ostermark are Purple and Yellow.

A peculiarity in Ostermarkian armies are the frequent incorporation of Dwarf Slayers. This is due its the close proximity to the dwarf hold of Karak Kadrin, better known as "Slayer Keep".

The armies of Ostermark are grim, indefatigable men that fight with a stubborn refusal to never surrender, the basis of the beliefs they have been taught since birth. They wear uniforms of purple and yellow, or purple and white, accented with black. The armies of Ostermark are the most rural and unsupported, and as such they have few gunpowder weapons. Hangunners and war machine crews often incorporate black into their livery, both as a status symbol and to cover-up soot stains. Few knightly orders ride to Ostermark, and even fewer have their Chapterhouse nearby. Only the Knights of the Everlasting Light, a cursed order that fights for justice and fairness above all, have their Chapterhouse in Ostermark, in the city of Essen.


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  • Ostermark featured in the setting of Warhammer Fantasy.

In other media

Video games

  • In Warhammer: Mark of Chaos, Ostermark was referenced in the setting of the real-time strategy video game. After Emperor Magnus broke the Chaos hordes, Count Count Otto Gruber headed an army from Ostermark that contained Captain Stefan von Kessel being part of this force,
  • In Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide, Ostermark was referenced in the video game and was mentioned in various items available to the players. A mask was shown that was worn by the Death's Head regiments of Ostermark that were formed during the Vampire Wars and fought against the undead.
  • In Total War: Warhammer, Ostermark appeared as a province and minor faction in the setting of the turn-based strategy video game.


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