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Otis was the short henchman of Lex Luthor. He first appeared being sent out to get a newspaper for his boss, and returned to Luthor's underground lair in the Metropolis subways unaware that he was being tailed by a detective. Luthor remedied the situation by killing the luckless law-enforcement officer with a moving wall that pushed him into the path of an oncoming train. Otis remained oblivious to the fact he was even being followed until Luthor told him so when he actually arrived in the lair. Later, he assisted Luthor in redirecting a missile to fire at the San Andreas fault, but because he messed up the coordinates, the missile's new target became Hackensack, New Jersey, which is where Eve Teschmacher's mother lived.

In an example of how little Luthor thought of or appreciated Otis, he denies Otis' request to name a town on the "new" North American coastline (after California falls into the sea) "Otisburg" after himself. Otis whined that Miss Teschmacher gets her own town, but Luthor said nothing. When Superman captured Luthor and took him to prison, he also took Otis. Although he remained Luthor's henchman in prison, when Luthor escaped, he left Otis behind, electing not to take his incompetent minion along.

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