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PB-3 is an alien disease that features in the movie Deep Evil.


PB-3 was the name given to designate an alien microbe that had arrived on the planet Earth in the 1950's onboard meteorites. Upon entry, the meteorites crashed in Siberia where it was studied and designated PB-3 in honor of the third session of the Politburo. After a period of study, the microbe was separated from the meteorite whereupon it began to reproduce at an alarming rate. This led to the scientists on the project attempting to clone the organism but it broke containment and went out of control. To prevent its spread, a 20-megaton nuclear warhead was deployed that exterminated PB-3 at the cost of 10,000 lives. The United States of America learnt of its existence after Chernobyl and after the wall the military took responsibility over samples of the microbe. Once there, the government hired Vectol to study the organism and determine any military potential along with applications of PB-3. A reason attributed to the study of the microbe was to find a way of preserving the human race from such infectious alien weapons. The only way this could occur was through cloning the PB-3 and through such experiments a counter inoculation. Despite this goal, there were no cure for the microbe.


In appearance, PB-3 was actually a microbe that was able to move about through a liquid body and was in fact a cloned organism from its original base form. It actually produced a liquid by-product that resembled water and was able to manipulate this shape. The adaptive nature of the PB-3 allowed it to change its molecular structure by coordinating its attack to breakdown any bio-matter. Once infecting a host, it consumed the body and used the mass as well as intelligence to grow. This allowed the microbe to mutate and change its form further allowing it to shift from a liquid form, to small insects and even alien humanoids. The water based nature of PB-3 meant that when it took more larger and complex formed that it was able to easily survive wounds from projectile weapons. Constructed weapon fire from bullets were, however, able to destabilize the form forcing the microbe to resume its water based nature. Despite this being the case, after a short period of time it was capable of resuming its larger former. This combined with its natural intelligence made it very dangerous as it was able to move the watery body to ensnare prey. Its versatile nature also allowed it to control its liquid form and change it into bodies such as spider-like creatures to attack their targets. The microbe was determined as being an embryo for a more evolved form where a new strain had developed three chromosomes. This included three separates sexes designated as x, y and z that could cross fertilize as well as develop new species. At its most complex, it was able to duplicate dead infected hosts and transfer the microbe into new bodies without any outward sign of infection allowing it to spread unseen.

The danger of infection was high as direct skin contact was all that was needed and the PB-3 could be within a single drop of water. Upon infection, the host felt a burning sensation as the organism spread within the body leaving burning flesh on the surface, lesions and blood spilling out of a human. A sure sign of infection was the fact that the host body's eyes turned black that indicated that there was no hope for the infected. One of the infected scientists claimed that the only means of killing the microbe. Powerful medicinals were unable to save an infected host though removed the alien organism from the body where it manifested as a fleshy worm-like creature that fled from the mouth before returning to its liquid form to escape. However, the act simply killed an infected host and led to possible contamination of the environment. An only sure manner of exterminating the creature was through the detonation of large explosives such as from nuclear weapons that seared the existence of the microbe without any change of it surviving. Despite this method, there was a chance that a small number of the microbe was capable of surviving whereupon its resumed its prior role of expansion.

It was described as an organism that was extremely intelligent and more versatile than mankind. The weapon potential of the alien organism was immense due to the fact that it was present in a single drop of water and could be trained to kill any target its users desired. Furthermore, its water based form allowed it to survive any landscape from a nuclear environment to the bloodstream of a human body. However, it seemed incapable of being tamed by mankind as the organism sought to expand and complete its objective. Its intelligence was demonstrated in the use of hunting tactics and making use of traps as well as adapting its form to combat threats. Upon being released, it was believed that the creatures goal was simply to expand and grow. Following its release, it was thought that PB-3 desired to control the planet and attempted to accomplish this goal through human hosts. It was intelligent enough to determine threats to its existence and even deployed aspects of its form to protect dangers such as bombs intended to eliminate it.


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